UGX - الشلن الأوغندي

The الشلن الأوغندي is the currency of أوغندا. Our currency rankings show that the most popular الشلن الأوغندي exchange rate is the UGX to USD rate. The currency code for Uganda Shilling is UGX, and the currency symbol is USh. Below, you'll find الشلن الأوغندي rates and a currency converter.

Notice: As of March 30, 2013, the 1987 series of UGX is no longer legal tender. The currency will be exchangeable at any commercial bank until May 30, 2013 and at any Bank of Uganda branch until December 30, 2013.

Prior to the 1900's, one of the earliest forms of currency used in Uganda was the Indian Rupee. In 1906, the East African Rupee replaced the Indian Rupee and was used throughout Uganda, Kenya, and Tanganyika. The East African Florin replaced the Rupee at par in 1920, but just one year later, the East African Currency Board introduced the East African Shilling; it was pegged to one Shilling Sterling and was valued at a rate of 2 Shillings to 1 Florin.

In 1966 the Bank of Uganda was established and the first Ugandan Shilling was introduced. The banknotes and coin changed several times as a result of changes in regime. Due to high inflation, a new Shilling was created in 1987 at a rate of 100 old Shillings to 1 new one. On March 2013, the 1987 series of UGX was demonetized and in April 2013, the minor currency unit was changed from 100 to 0.

الشلن الأوغندي Stats

Nameالشلن الأوغندي
Minor unit
Minor unit symbol
Top UGX conversionUGX to USD
Top UGX chartUGX to USD chart

الشلن الأوغندي Profile

CoinsFreq used: undefined5, undefined10, undefined50, undefined100, undefined200, undefined500, undefined1000, UGX1, UGX2
Bank notesFreq used: UGX1000, UGX2000, UGX5000, UGX10,000, UGX20,000, UGX50,000
Central bankBank of Uganda

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