Our partners play a critical role in our success

XE works with a number of partners to achieve our mission of facilitating global commerce. We foster relationships with data contributors, technology organizations, advertising partners, and more.Our partners play a key role in helping us deliver the best currency products, services, and tools to millions of people worldwide. We’re proud to say that some of our partnerships have lasted over a decade and we’re always looking to forge new relationships. Read about some of our partners or contact us with an opportunity – we’d love to talk!

Data Contributors

  • Our currency data comes from 130+ sources

  • Our proprietary Rate Blender detects and filters out bad data to ensure accuracy

  • Contact us with new partnership opportunities

Featured Data Partner:

  • JFD Brokers has been designed and operates as an absolute electronic trading environment for sophisticated Retail Investors and Institutional Partners, delivering outstanding Trading Functionality, Market reach, depths of Liquidity, speed of Execution and robust IT Scalability at competitive Trading Costs.


  • We work with Tribal Fusion to manage website and mobile advertisements

  • They offer efficient, real-time optimization

  • Advertise your company or product with us

Technology Partners

  • We work with telecoms, search engines, software organizations, non-profits, & more

  • Partner with us to reach our millions of customers worldwide

About XE

Founded in 1993, XE has become the world's trusted currency authority. We run XE.com and serve over 275 million unique visitors each year with a variety of tools and services such as the XE Currency Converter and Currency Market Analysis. With over 55 million downloads, our XE Currency App is the most popular foreign exchange app on the market. Our XE Money Transfer service has processed billions in global payments since 2002 and has served businesses and individuals worldwide. Additionally, our XE Currency Data service is used by thousands of businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.

Developing a rich data network

XE was one of the very first organizations to provide online currency data to the public. Over the past decade, we have been continually developing our data product and expanding our partnerships with top currency data providers.At XE, we take currency data very seriously. Because foreign exchange is decentralized, we use over 130 sources to ensure our currency rates reflect the global marketplace, rather than one single source. Our proprietary Rate Blender continually monitors incoming data for accuracy. To learn more about our commercial-grade currency data, visit www.xe.com/xecurrencydata. Learn more about some of our data partners below. Or, feel free to contact us with a new partnership opportunity.

Advertise with XE

Interested in taking advantage of XE.com’s global reach and highly targeted audience? We work with Tribal Fusion to manage advertising opportunities on our website and mobile apps.Tribal Fusion is a global performance display advertising provider. They enable advertisers to model, target, and optimize online campaigns against unique interest-based audiences. Powered by page-level contextualization and transparent audience modelling, their technology drives awareness, consideration, and intent to deliver display advertising performance.If you would like to place advertisements on XE’s properties, please contact our Tribal Fusion representative below.

Working together towards innovation

We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve our tools and services. That’s why we collaborate with technology companies, big and small, to deliver great currency solutions. Our industry-leading XE Currency App is the go-to choice of telecommunication firms, OS providers, and smartphone companies around the world. And our proprietary currency data is used by search engines, developers, and SaaS providers of all kinds. How can our software, data, or global user base help you?This year, we worked with a number of organizations from large companies to non-profits to SMEs. To name just a few examples, we partnered with Samsung to build multiple currency apps for their devices and platforms, we worked with Mozilla to introduce the XE Currency app for the new Firefox OS, and we joined with Alcatel to pre-install our app on millions of smartphones.Learn more about our partnerships below. Or, if you have a partnership opportunity and think we’d be a good fit, contact us.

Money Transfer Affiliates and Referral Partner

If your client base has a requirement to send money overseas or you are looking to monetize relevant traffic from your website, Xe can provide an effective solution for you and your business. We work with a diverse network of partners from rate comparison websites to estate agents and newspaper publications, like The Times. For more information about how to get started, visit this page.