CUC - Kubanischer Peso convertible

The Kubanischer Peso convertible is the currency of Kuba. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Kubanischer Peso convertible exchange rate is the CUC to USD rate. The currency code for Cuba Convertible Peso is CUC, and the currency symbol is $. Below, you'll find Kubanischer Peso convertible rates and a currency converter.

Warning: As of 14th November 2004, all exchange between CUC and USD is subject to a 10% Cuban tax on top of all exchange rates.
As of 14th March 2011, exports are exempt from the 10% Cuban tax.

Kubanischer Peso convertible Stats

NameKubanischer Peso convertible
Minor unit1/100 = Centavo Convertible
Minor unit symbol¢
Top CUC conversionCUC to USD
Top CUC chartCUC to USD chart

Kubanischer Peso convertible Profile

CoinsFreq used: ¢1, ¢5, ¢10, ¢25, ¢50, CUC$1
Bank notesFreq used: CUC$1, CUC$3, CUC$5, CUC$10, CUC$50, CUC$100
Central bankCentral Bank of Cuba


EUR / USD1,07814
GBP / EUR1,17111
USD / JPY149,387
GBP / USD1,26262
USD / CHF0,875120
USD / CAD1,34801
EUR / JPY161,060
AUD / USD0,651561

Kurse der Zentralbank

WährungInterest Rate
JPY-0,10 %
CHF1,75 %
EUR4,50 %
USD5,50 %
CAD5,00 %
AUD4,35 %
NZD5,50 %
GBP5,25 %