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Don't have your net-enabled wireless device handy? Print this page for your reference.

XE.com now features its free currency services delivered by Wireless Application Protocol, or "WAP".

Now you can take the world's trusted currency tool with you wherever you go! All you need is a internet-enabled wireless device. Many cell phones, hand-held organizers, and even pagers support wireless Internet.

To access our wireless currency services, simply use the "Go to Web" feature of your wireless browser and type in:


We've recently enhanced our wireless services to automatically detect and support most wireless devices. However, if you find that your device does not work properly with our site, please e-mail us at wireless@xe.com. Your feedback is appreciated and will help us fine tune our service.

If automatic wireless detection is not working for your wireless device, or if you need to know the precise URL of our wireless site for some other reason, it is listed below. You can click on the link, but it will only work if you're using a wireless-enabled browser right now.


Please note that wireless Internet service is an extra charge on many cell phone plans. Even if you have a net-ready device, you may still need to contact your wireless provider to have Internet browsing enabled. Also remember that while xe.com wireless currency services are completely free, your cell phone company or wireless network provider may charge you per-minute or other fees for wireless browsing.

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