FX risk management for your business

Feel good in the face of foreign currency fluctuations. Xe has 25+ years of experience helping companies with FX risk management. Learn the different ways you can protect your business.

FX risk management for your business

Spot transfers

Need to send money right away? Buy foreign currencies at Xe’s competitive live rates using spot transfers. These allow you to quickly and easily make a payment overseas.

Forward contracts

Planning for next quarter? Don’t stress over market volatility. Lock in today’s rate and schedule your transfer for a future date up to a year in advance. Xe’s forward contracts let you secure the current rate even if the market moves.

FX Risk Management - Forward Contracts

Market orders

Waiting for the right rate? Let us do the work for you. With Xe market orders, we watch the markets on your behalf using our 24-hour market monitoring facility. Get notified when your target rate is reached, or have the order processed automatically.

FX risk management market orders

Option contracts

Figuring out your next move? Gain the option to buy or sell a foreign currency at a set rate and date without the obligation. Xe’s option contracts provide a level of protection from the market alongside the possibility of upside participation. This flexibility lets you tailor your FX strategy to your business’s unique goals.

FX Risk Management - Option Contracts

Protect your cash flow as your business grows

Find the right fit for your FX risk management. Xe helps you protect your business in the face of foreign currency fluctuations. Gain access to a wide array of strategies and tools designed to help your business at any stage.

Reduce FX risk

Let our highly experienced team offer custom FX risk management tools and solutions for the unique needs of your business.

Find opportunities

Make an immediate impact with spot transfers, or use tools like forward transfers to forecast your cash flow overseas.

Leverage technology

Get help tracking foreign markets, exchanging 130+ currencies, and sending money to over 190 different countries worldwide.

Harness volatility

Stay on top of the forex market. Find the most favorable currency market conditions with market orders and option contracts.

Experience stress-free FX risk management

Ready to reduce the risk of doing business abroad? Learn why Xe is trusted by over 13,000 companies every year. Start protecting yourself from the whims of foreign currency markets with the best solutions for your business.