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We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve our tools and services. That’s why we collaborate with technology companies, big and small, to deliver great currency solutions. Our industry-leading XE Currency App is the go-to choice of telecommunication firms, OS providers, and smartphone companies around the world. And our proprietary currency data is used by search engines, developers, and SaaS providers of all kinds. How can our software, data, or global user base help you?

This year, we worked with a number of organizations from large companies to non-profits to SMEs. To name just a few examples, we partnered with Samsung to build multiple currency apps for their devices and platforms, we worked with Mozilla to introduce the XE Currency app for the new Firefox OS, and we joined with Alcatel to pre-install our app on millions of smartphones.

Learn more about our partnerships below. Or, if you have a partnership opportunity and think we’d be a good fit, contact us.

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Featured Technology Partners

Firefox Marketplace Logo

When Mozilla contacted us to build an app for their new Firefox OS, we were very excited. Together, Mozilla and XE showcased the new XE Currency app for Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Duckduckgo Logo

Working in partnership with DuckDuckGo, the privacy-oriented search engine, we created an Instant Answer API for currency search results. Now users can view currency rates right on their search engine results page.