Currency Update Service Sample Mailout

How to read your FREECurrency Update Email

Below is a sample mailout from the XE Currency Update Service. When you subscribe to the service, you will receive a daily email like the example below. Your Currency Update email has three main sections:

Currency News

This section includes currency news headlines.

Central Bank Rates

This area contains the central bank interest rates for the 6 most influential central banks.

Currency Rates

Currencies are always quoted in pairs. The first currency is called the "base", and the second is called the "counter". People usually pick a base currency that matches their own currency. Listed under the Currency Rates section, you will see the base currency and the timestamp. Next, you'll see the rate table, containing three columns:

  1. 1. The Currency Unit (the counter currency).
  2. 2. How much base currency you need to buy 1 unit of the counter currency.
  3. 3. How much counter currency you need to buy 1 unit of the base currency.

Sample Email

In the example below, the selected base currency is USD United States Dollars. If you wanted to know the Euro rate, you would search for "EUR Euro" under the "Currency Unit" heading.

Sample XE Currency Update Service Email

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