Why do we ask for your SSN and other personal details?

Our customers' safety and security is our top priority. Here's what we do to ensure that our money transfers are secure.

Xe Consumer

March 3, 2021 3 min read

Young man signing in on his computer

When you sign up on Xe.com or in the Xe app, we will ask you to provide some personal information and identification before you can start sending money.

We understand why you might feel uncomfortable giving out this information, particularly over an online platform. We wanted to explain to you why we ask for this information, what it’s used for, and assure you that all of your information will be kept secure when you choose to send money with Xe.

Why does Xe ask you for personal information?

For one simple reason: to confirm your identity.

We need to ensure that you are who you say you are before you can use our platform to send money. We perform this due diligence with everyone who registers with our platform in order to prevent identity theft and fraudulent money transfers. We want to ensure that everyone registered to send money with us does plan to send money with us, and that they are sending money for legitimate purposes.

Additionally, we comply with international regulatory standards including Europe's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Canada's Privacy Act, and the US Privacy Act. In order to meet these standards, we must verify the identities of people who register to send money with us.

You can visit this page for more information on our safety and security procedures, including what we do to ensure that your information is secure.

Once you’ve provided your information, we’ll confirm it with the use of secure third-party verification services. This typically happens in real time, so you’ll be ready to send money within a few minutes. If we do need to perform further manual verification, we’ll contact you for additional documentation.

What information will Xe ask you for?

That will depend on which country you’re in. These typically include:

  • Your Social Security Number (US only)

  • A PDF of your driver’s license

  • A PDF of your passport

  • A scanned bank statement, utility bill, or other document that confirms the mailing address you provided.

You can securely supply this information by signing into your Xe account online or in the app. We will not ask you to send us this information by email or any other method.

Any other questions?

We hope this has addressed your concerns and helped you to feel more comfortable about sending money with us. If you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQ, particularly our Getting Started FAQ and our Send Money FAQ. If your question isn’t answered there, send us a message. Our team would be happy to talk you through the process.