Sending money overseas? We’ve improved our money transfers to these countries

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February 12, 2021 2 min read

Sending money around the world

At Xe, we’re always striving to provide the best possible money transfer experience for our customers. From giving you great rates to making every step of the process quick and convenient, we’re committed to being the one-stop shop for your currency-related needs.

In the past year, we’ve been steadily making improvements to a number of the countries that we serve with our money transfers. Keep this page bookmarked—as we continue upgrading our service, we’ll keep this page updated with new countries and new improvements.

How have our money transfers improved?

We’ve made 3 big improvements:

  1. Better prices. We’ve improved our prices, offering more competitive rates so that you can send more and your recipient can get more on the other end.

  2. Faster transfers. The time between confirming your transfer and the transfer arriving in the destination bank account has been cut down. Previously, it would take 1-4 business days. Now, your money will arrive within 24 hours, and will arrive in some countries within just a few minutes.

Where can you experience our improved money transfers?

Currently, we’ve improved our service to the following countries. Check out each country’s individual page to see how we’ve improved our service and how fast the transfers are now—we can get our money transfers to some of these countries in close to real time.

Don’t see a certain country on this list? Keep your eyes on this space—we’re continuing to make improvements every day, and this list will continue to grow as we upgrade our transfers to more and more countries.

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