New API feature

Currency Data Team

May 6, 2022 1 min read

We have been serving prices for Bitcoin for some time now. As cryptocurrencies become more common and attract more general interest, on top of bitcoin, we are adding to our API, the other 11 more prominent cryptocurrencies.

  • Etherium - ETH

  • Ripple - XRP

  • Cardano - ADA

  • DogeCoin - DOGE

  • Polkadot - DOT

  • Chainlink - LINK

  • Uniswap - UNI

  • Steller Lumens - XLM

  • Bitcoin Cash - BCH

  • Litecoin - LTC

  • Terra - LUNA

We will be expanding the available cryptocurrencies gradually ,aiming to cover all the existing cryptos in the end.
Historical data are already available for the above cryptos.

To retrieve cryptos from the API, you must add a special query parameter to your requests: crypto = true.
To find out how to retrieve these rates, please, refer to the updated API documentation.