Xe is a 2021 Canstar Award Winner

2021 Canstar International Money Transfer Outstanding Value Award

Xe Consumer APAC

December 20, 2021 2 min read

What is Canstar?

Canstar is the biggest financial comparison site in Australia whose main recognition is for research. They compare over 750 brands in over 30 finance categories. They compare brands such as Citibank, Virgin Money, HSBC, Westpac, and OFX. From banking to investing to calculators of many kinds, Canstar can certainly help you make a financial decision fit for you.

Featured in many media outlets including Business Insider Australia, Yahoo Finance, and Financial Review, they are the most recommended, trusted, and satisfactory financial comparison site in Australia.

Established for almost 30 years, Canstar has built up their reputation as being the experts in finance comparisons across Australia. Receiving an award from Canstar is an honor, and only exclusive selected companies can wear their badge proudly.

What did we win?

Xe has been awarded the 2021 Canstar International Money Transfers Outstanding Value Award!

Out of 21 international money transfer service providers, Xe was one of only five who were awarded.

Why did we win?

Through this award, Canstar recognizes the outstanding value Xe has to offer.

80% Pricing


Canstar researched brands who have the best exchange rates, low to no fees, and who can save customers the most money.

20% Features (aka customer experience offerings)

•Number of offered currencies •Available exchange rate information
•Facilities, fees and charges
•Available customer service and support

Canstar has recognized Xe’s value in offering features such as our transparent exchange rates, the number of facilities available to customers around the world, and the support we give our customers.

Xe doesn’t only serve the everyday consumer; businesses from small to large trust Xe with their overseas transactions. With no minimum or maximum send amount, Xe is the right choice for businesses to support their company.

Canstar describes their winners, as those who offer customers “a simpler and more streamlined way to make money transfers.” Xe is proud to wear the 2021 Canstar International Money Transfers Outstanding Value Award badge.