Epicenters of Online Money Transfer - Austin Edition

Xe Corporate North America

April 16, 2019 5 min read

Austin, Texas.

It is the capital of the Lone Star State, was formerly known as Waterloo, and is fondly known as Bat City (because of a colony of bats that lives under the Congress Avenue Bridge).

Austin isn't often compared to Gotham City, though at this year's famous SXSW conference in the city, 1.5 million bats were released this past March to celebrate the 80th anniversary of my favourite (and impressively well-preserved) caped crusader, Batman.

This year, Austin was named US News and World Report's best city to live in the United States for the third year running. It is also the newest city to host an XE office. Unfortunately we can't take credit for this honour as the "new kid in town," though we are very proud to "set up shop" in Austin's Silicon Hills.

When you think of the global epicentres of foreign currency exchange and online money transfer, (and why wouldn't you) you likely think of cities like:

  • Newmarket, Canada

  • Bracknell, England

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Toronto, Canada

  • Los Angeles, USA

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Christchurch, New Zealand

These are all cities where XE and our Euronet Worldwide sibling companies happen to have offices, yet for the most part, other money services businesses are nearby.

Customer Facing XE Team Members in our Austin Office

Our knowledgeable, talented, friendly and customer-focused team (click their names for their LinkedIn profile) in the A-T-X is comprised of:

The February 2019 closure of the US operations of money services business World First provided a lucrative opportunity for XE.com and Euronet. We were able to expand our presence into the arts and innovation-rich, vibrant city which is regarded as the live music capital of the world.

Further, we welcomed a highly engaged, experienced group of professionals who are well versed in the services and which empower our business and consumer clients in the United States, North America, and around the world:

  • Foreign currency exchange data for fintech businesses and SaaS providers

  • Cross-border online money transfer payments

  • International mass payments for corporate clients and financial services providers including white-labelled transaction management

  • Treasury, foreign exchange hedging, and risk management consulting

These services are available to our business clients by way of our website, mobile applications and offices worldwide. We'll be introducing you to our other locations, where our people, processes and technology are based which enable XE to help both our business and consumer clients succeed globally and live their best international lives.

For all the incredible benefits of digital business transformation, we often take for granted the hard work, creativity, ingenuity and long hours which real people put into digital platforms. Our organization has been very fortunate over the past quarter-century to have assembled so many talented, motivated, and knowledgeable individuals.

Technology Alone Doesn't Make XE Successful, the People Behind the Technology Do, Too

Since we work among them every day, it will be our pleasure to introduce you to our best and brightest, customer-facing colleagues from around the world. We all often hear that people like to work with those they know, like, and trust. Through introduction stories like this one to XE Team Austin, we hope to spark conversations and relationships which will build trust, enrich knowledge, and garner respect and satisfaction.

Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler / Unsplash
Our customers, partners, and audience segments have long-supported XE and our affiliates along the road. We hope you'll join us on the road ahead, by working with our teams in Austin and beyond.

You can get started by opening an XE Money Transfer personal or business account today or login to your existing account, and request a free currency trade quote.

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