Epicentres of Online Money Transfer: London and Bracknell Edition

Xe Corporate UK

July 2, 2019 5 min read

If you've been following this blog series about the world's epicentres of online money transfer, you've been introduced to some the faces and places where XE makes money transfer magic happen.

Our tour so far has made stops in:

These articles (and the images which complement them) are intended to "pull back the curtain" on our company for our customers, prospects, website visitors and partners. To help them get to know the XE behind our website and XE Currency mobile app. You know, like Dorothy and Toto did on the Wizard of Oz, to reveal the man behind the "Wizard"- otherwise known as Oscar Zoroaster Diggs as you might recall.  

Though few would mistake London or Bracknell for the Emerald City, but our offices in London are definitely home to some powerful international currency trading wizards.

The XE Team in Bracknell working with our valued customers and partners
It's an old adage in sales and marketing meetings that people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. This blog is intended to you with the "know" element, and we can vouch for that the team is certainly likeable and trustworthy. The photos above exude dedication to customer service (left photo), and show how we constantly have our eye on the currency markets (right photo)

That said, we urge you, should you need help with a significant money transfer transaction, or multiple transactions, to connect with our money transfer consultants, and experience the difference yourself.

XE in the UK

As an online money transfer services provider, our people, technology, and services are distributed all over the world. Along with our team based in an office in the Netherlands, XE serves our European clients and partners from our office locations in Bracknell and London.

Some of the roles of the staff in our UK offices include:

  • Our executive leadership team

  • Product engineering

  • Foreign currency trading

  • Money transfer services sales, customer service, and account management

  • Business partner relationship management

  • Legal, Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Business and consumer marketing

  • Digital user experience design

  • Application development

  • Finance and operations

XE's offices in the Maxis Centre in Bracknell

XE's office building at 55 Baker Street, London
The currency data and payments infrastructure which powers XE Money Transfer, the XE Currency Converter and our Currency Data APIs all reside in offsite locations around the world. These offices are purpose-built to create collaborative environments where our London and Bracknell teams work collaboratively to empower people living international lives, and businesses to better compete in global markets.

XE's robust networks and technology infrastructure which transports international currencies and other business data are all hosted off-site. This makes more room for our teams that help our customers live their best international lives, and empower businesses to better compete in global marketplaces.

Our corporate traders and FX advisors in our UK offices help customers with:

  • Foreign exchange risk assessments and management

  • Understanding the events and market forces which influence exchange rates

  • Forward contracts, to mitigate the impact of turbulent foreign exchange rates

  • Mass payments for businesses

  • Cross-border transfers for business payments to suppliers and service providers

  • Property-related payments such as first and last month lease remittances, condo fees, or damage deposits

  • Market orders and spot contracts

  • Money transfers for purchases of collectibles, art, or antiques from abroad

There are many reasons why people and businesses in Europe, including the UK, have been trusting XE as an international currency authority and money transfer provider for the past quarter century or so. We can't wait to hear about yours.

Our customers, partners, and foreign exchange information audience segments have long-supported XE and our affiliates along the road. We hope you'll join us on the road ahead, by working with our teams in Bracknell, London and beyond.

You can get started by opening an XE Money Transfer personal or business account today or login to your existing account, and request a free currency trade quote.

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While we take reasonable care to keep the information on the website accurate and up to date, there may be occasions when this is not possible. Case Studies and articles are not intended to predict future moves in exchange rates or constitute advice.  

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