Why You Should Send Money to and From Australia and New Zealand with Xe

The question you really want answers to isn't how you can send money to Australia and New Zealand. That's clear.

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May 31, 20196 min read

Full disclosure:  this article started out as "How to send money to Australia and New Zealand". Thinking that would be a short article, and would be of little value to you as a reader, because registering for a free Xe Money Transfer account is literally a click away.  

The question you really want answers to isn't how you can send money to Australia and New Zealand. That's clear. The answer to that question is simple - just set up an account with Xe Money Transfer, request a quote, and when you're ready, initiate your transfer.

You likely (or should) sought out (seek out) this article to discover why you should transfer money to or from Oz and New Zealand.

It's clear you have lots of options, including:

  • International and domestic banks, like Barclays and Bank of America using SWIFT or IBAN wire transfers

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) money transfer providers

  • Non-P2P money transfer providers like XE.com

Here are some common reasons Aussies and New Zealanders choose Xe for milestone money transfers. Apologies in advance for this Canadian’s feeble attempt to try and use regional dialect from the southern hemisphere.  

  • Jonno’s son Davo is attending Oxford in the autumn to get his law degree. Jonno is rapt as.

  • Charlotte’s buying a holiday home on Byron Bay, and a bach in New Zealand. Charlotte’s a real fat cat.

  • Aaron just open a new Aussie-New Zealand fusion restaurant in Finland. He imported some excellent shiraz, port, and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Barrossa Valley. Then he transferred some Kiwis to his brother Mike in Auckland who shipped him some nice lamb chops for his grand opening.

These are but a few scenarios why our business and personal customers transfer money with Xe. We'd be happy to help you with your needs.

Xe's Australia and New Zealand Teams

Xe has offices in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch, where our APAC sales, consulting, customer service, and development teams work to enhance the international lives of our customers in this region. They do this by sharing their wealth of knowledge with our clients, and by building and shaping the digital services which move money as reliably, rapidly, and hassle-free as possible.

We captured many of them in photos below. We hope you'll connect with at least some of them in the weeks and months ahead - they're eager to do business with you.  

Xe Corporate Traders Connecting with Clients at a Reserve Bank of Australia Breakfast Event
Our employees in our worldwide offices often take the opportunity to show their pride in our brand. Our Auckland team is no exception.

Team Xe Auckland Rocking the Latest Xe Journey Brandwear

Top 10 Reasons Businesses and Consumers Should Do Business with Xe in the APAC Region

Whatever your reason for transferring money to or from Australia, Xe is globally recognized as the best choice when you:

  1. Are transferring money for an important life milestone, like a down payment on a flat in London, or purchasing a life-size replica of the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

  2. Need to send recurring payments, and want to lock in an exchange rate with a forward contract.

  3. Want the option of initiating a transfer from your debit card, bank account, or credit card (in AU and NZ, this option is not available in all regions).

  4. Are looking to avoid high bank transaction fees and wouldn't think of monthly account fees.

  5. Are making a life-changing purchase, and want to work with a long-established service provider that has offices in Australia and/or New Zealand. If you are considering a purchase of an property in either country to live in, invest in, or for holidays in either country, you should investigate the restrictions and consult with a real estate professional, government agency or mortgage broker. New Zealand recently put strict restrictions on foreign property purchases, especially from outside of Singapore and Australia.

Foreign investment in New Zealand housing has been blamed for price increases of 65 percent over the past decade.

The Australian Foreign Investment Review Board

New Zealand Immigration

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn / Unsplash

  1. Are making large transfers, up to or exceeding $500,000 for business, and you need advice from a corporate trading expert that can help you mitigate risk and maximize return with FX hedging advice.

  2. Can transfer to, or from your bank accounts in institutions like the Bank of New Zealand, or the National Australia Bank. Xe is regulated by the ASIC in Australia (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) and the FMA in New Zealand (Financial Markets Authority).

  3. Have the option to transfer money to recipients that don't have an XE account, even in exotic currencies like the Hong Kong Dollar, Turkish Lira, or the South African Rand.

  4. Prefer the option to reach friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives on the phone, social media or via email during local business hours.

  5. Want a fast, reliable, money transfer with trustworthy rates you can check against the interbank rate.

Xe offers some of the industry's best international money transfer exchange rates. We source and process international exchange rates from over one-hundred foreign currency exchange data sources, which has earned Xe the reputation as the "world's trusted currency authority.

Why entrust your hard-earned savings to a money services business that hasn't achieved "world's most trusted currency authority" status? To possibly save a few dollars? To possibly get funds to their destination faster? Xe has been delivering value and results for over twenty-five years.

Our competitors can't make the same claim, and they don't have the depth of expertise our currency experts do.

Have we got you convinced? Are you interested in taking the next steps? Visit MoverFocus for an in-depth look at the advantages of sending money with Xe and how the process works.

Sign up for an Xe account today, and get a trade quote. If you need help along the way, contact us. No fancy sales tactics, no empty promises.

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