Welcome to Xe! Here’s a Quick Overview of What We Do

We're glad you found us! We want to start off by giving you a quick rundown of all of our products and solutions, so you'll know how we can help you.

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August 24, 2020 4 min read

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Welcome to Xe! Whether you came here to make a money transfer, were looking for the current exchange rates, or just happened to stumble over here by luck, we’re glad you took the time to check out our new blog.

Since we have you here, we wanted to take a moment to give you the quick rundown on what we’re all about here at Xe—from what we offer to how we can help you with your foreign currency concerns.

Want to know the current exchange rates? Check the Xe Currency Converter

Want to know the latest, most accurate exchange rates? Look no further. The Xe Currency Converter is the place to get the exchange rate for your currency pair of choice. What’s so special about it? Well...

  • You can check the exchange rates to over 170 countries

  • The exchange rates are informed by data straight from the live currency markets, ensuring that they’re accurate up to the minute

  • You know you’ll be getting the real rate of exchange.

Looking to send money? Try our money transfers

So you’ve checked the exchange rates. What are you going to do with them?

We’re not just an informational resource. You can send money transfers with Xe, just as easily as you checked the rates. In just a few minutes, you can send a fast, secure money transfer. We’ve got over 170 countries to choose from. And we promise that our money transfers will reach their destination quickly. Depending on where you’re sending your money, it could reach its recipient in just a few minutes.

New to Xe? Here’s how to open your account and get started. Already have an account? Here’s our in-depth guide to sending a money transfer with Xe.

Need us to watch the markets? Set up Rate Alerts

Not ready to transfer yet? Want to transfer later? No problem. But are you really supposed to just keep checking the Currency Converter day in and day out, waiting for the right rate to hit? Nope.

Our Rate Alerts will keep an eye on the markets for you. Tell us which currency pairs you want to monitor and what your ideal rate is, and we’ll send you an email the moment that rate has been reached. No need to wonder whether it’s the best time to transfer—we’ll tell you when it is.

Interested in learning more? Peruse historic currency charts

We don’t just have the information on today’s rates. If you’re looking to view the history of a currency’s value for future market analysis, we can help you with that as well. We keep historic currency data in easy-to-read, interactive charts that can tell you every move a currency has made within the last 10 years.

We also offer currency data APIs that you can easily integrate into your existing systems, in order to provide your clients with exchange rates.

And speaking of Xe business solutions...

Making international business transactions? Let Xe help your corporation

In addition to helping individuals around the world with their personal money transfer needs, we also assist businesses across many countries and industries.

  • Just like our money transfers for individuals, we offer many different business money transfer options for organizations that deal with foreign currencies and make international payments.

  • Our mass payments solution can help your business to streamline and simplify its international payments processes in order to make high volumes of payments in a quick, simple process without sacrificing accuracy and quality.

  • Our currency data API allows you to access competitive exchange rates, track your transactions, and display multi-currency pricing.

  • Got clients who could benefit from working with Xe? The partnerships program allows you to refer your clients to Xe and bring an additional income stream and other benefits to your business.

Whatever you need, we’ve got the currency solutions to help you. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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