Online Money Transfer Tips for Faster, Hassle-Free Transactions - Chapter One

Following customer feedback, we opened several bank accounts local to customers to accelerate your money transfers. Here's some guidance on the bank to select.

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May 1, 20192 min read

Sending funds from the UK, US, Canada, EU, Australia or New Zealand?

We provide customers with a choice of bank accounts to send funds to, providing the opportunity of cheaper and faster transfers.

Following customer feedback, we have opened several bank accounts local to customers like you to accelerate your money transfers. Here is some clear guidance to help you decide which bank to select.

Accelerate Your International Remittances by Sending Your Funds to the Bank Nearest You
It’s not about where you’re living, it’s about the country you’re sending funds from. Sending funds locally could save you time and money as you could avoid any fees accrued by your bank! For more information and advice on making your decision, we recommend talking to the bank you're sending funds from, who will be able to help provide guidance on the best bank account to choose.

  • Europe and the UK – select the XE Barclays bank account for the UK

  • USA – select the XE Bank of America account

  • Canada – select the XE Bank of Montreal account

  • New Zealand – select the XE Bank of New Zealand account

  • Australia – select the XE National Australia Bank account

Following this advice enables XE to facilitate a fast, simple, affordable international money transfer

Whether you are a British expat sending money to Spain to book a destination wedding, or a Canadian import business buying Scottish whiskey for your favourite pub - XE can empower your international experiences.  

Faster, more affordably, and simpler than ever before.  

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