Wherever they Journey, No Expat Should Be Without XE

Our expat customers around the world are on journeys. Some to distant corners of the world, others a short hop across the border.

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February 15, 2019 3 min read

Hong Kong, China

Leung Chun-ying arrives at the airport, en route to a three-year work assignment in the United States. He has plenty of time before his flight, so after making his way through security, he stops at a resting lounge to charge his phone and relax. Leung takes out his phone and makes a quick exchange and transfer of Hong Kong dollars to American ones to pay the down payment on a condominium he will be moving into when he arrives.

Provence, France

In Avignon, the picturesque city in the south of France, Johanna and Niilo Mattikanen from Finland complete a move into a historic home. Johanna is a historian, and recently was hired to be the curator of the Calvet Museum. Even before arriving, Johanna was tasked with paying for the transport of Egyptian antiquities, which she made via XE Money Transfer before the couple left Helsinki the week before.

London, England

On the bank of the River Thames, Hunter Barkley sips an Earl Grey tea, and munches on a scone. As a traveling reporter for an American cable news channel, Hunter just found out his assignment has been extended for another six months as chief UK correspondent.

Hunter hears the laughter of children, and the rumble of dozens of running footfalls. He sees a cluster of kids rushing his way, running beside a fleet of paper sailboats which are bobbing along in the water. As the children rush past him, Hunter feels his smartphone vibrate and here's the chime of a push notification. Hunter's producer just reimbursed his living expenses for the last month. As the tiny boats wind their way up the river, their pattern seems uncannily familiar.

The XE Journey
Opening up the XE app to ensure his expenses have been paid accurately, Hunter notices the undulating blue wave on a field of darker blue. With a smile, he remembers what the boats on the river resemble. Payments flowing along the internet between one person and another. The tiny white dots are a payment from a currency somewhere in the world, traveling from one person or business to another.

Another XE Journey, from a higher elevation.
Though the stories in this article are fictional, they are typical of cross-border money transfers that XE manages for our customers every day. Our fresh, new "Journey" branding (see images above) was designed to symbolize the journeys payments take around the world. Our expat customers around the world are on journeys too. Some to distant corners of the world, others a short hop across the border. Just like for expats, there are journeys which start and end far away, and others which return from where they started.

For those who have been away from your home country for many years, what has your expat journey been like? If you're just getting ready to leave the country where you were born, what do you hope your experiences will be? We hope you'll share some of you own stories of the past and dreams for the future with us on our social media channels.

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We would love to join your on your journey, but we'll need to stay home for now. Somebody needs to make sure your overseas payments get where they need to be, safely and securely.

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