Aussie Dollar Slumps Following Dovish Comments from RBA - APAC Update

Xe Corporate APAC

May 21, 2019 2 min read

The AUD opens at 0.6883 and the NZD opens at 0.6505.

The big news yesterday was out of the RBA, with dovish comments from Governor Lowe setting the scene for a rate cut in June. Pricing for a cut jump from circa 50% up to 70%. This saw the AUD drop towards its lows, and dragged the NZD down with it to its lowest level against the USD since October last year.

In terms of the trade war, a slight positive is that the US has softened and granted Huawei a 90-day temporary general license. Not earth shattering, but at least not an escalation. What will be interesting will be the correlation between the trade war and “risk off”. Historically as the trade war escalates, this hurts risk currencies like the NZD and the AUD.

What needs to be closely monitored is if this relationship breaks down, and the market starts to see trade as a more US specific risk. There is an argument to be made that as the trade war escalates, the relative attractiveness of trade between China and Australia especially will increase, leading to support for the AUD, and to a lesser extent the NZD. I don’t think the market is quite there yet, but it is something that combined with commodity prices being at the highest level since 2012, could be enough to turn the AUD around.

In other news, the Pound has had a fairly volatile day. Initially up on hopes of Teresa May's new deal, plans to vote on having a second vote to corroborate the first Brexit vote has failed to excite the market that any progress will be made.

Global equity markets are generally higher overnight, - Dow +0.77%, S&P 500 +0.86%, FTSE +0.25%, DAX +0.85%, CAC +0.50%, Nikkei -0.14%, Shanghai +1.23%.

Gold prices are little changed at $1,274 an ounce.WTI Crude Oil prices are also flat, trading at $63.02 a barrel.
AUDUSD0.6883-0.4%NZDUSD0.6505-0.4%AUDEUR0.6167-0.3%NZDEUR0.5831-0.3%AUDGBP0.5419-0.2%NZDGBP0.5121-0.3%AUDJPY76.100.1%NZDJPY71.92-0.1%AUDNZD1.0581-0.1%NZDAUD0.9451-0.1%GBPAUD1.84530.2%NZDCAD0.8721-0.6% GBPNZD1.9525-0.3%