Why Partner with Xe for International Money Transfer Services?

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March 26, 20194 min read

Businesses that provide services to B2B and B2C audiences seek out strategic partnership opportunities. There are endless possibilities, yet far fewer that are truly lucrative. Does your firm cater to people living lives on an international scale, or businesses competing internationally?

If so, partnering with an online money transfer service provider like XE can increase the value you offer to your clients, while enhancing the breadth and credibility of the services you provide.

Is Your Company a Good Fit for XE Partnership?

If you answer yes to even a few of the questions below, you and the business you represent are likely an excellent candidates to be an XE partner.

  • Does your business cater to individuals who are moving into or out of your country?

  • Do you advise clients on their investment portfolios, or businesses on importing and exporting goods to and from overseas?

  • Do you represent a credit union, independent bank or insurance company, or other financial services company which lacks international money transfer service capabilities?  

  • Does your business provide Software as a Service applications, and would your clients benefit from API-delivered currency exchange data, curated real-time from over 150 of the most reliable data sources around the world? Are you looking to extend your application's global payments functionality with a proven, secure commerce framework?  

  • Does aligning your business with the world's most trusted currency authority, and recognized leader in international money transfer sound like a good fit for your organization's future growth plans?

  • XE partner programs offer benefits including joint marketing campaigns, profit sharing, and a dedicated relationship manager. We offer a broad spectrum of partner models from white label services for our mass payments engine to affiliate programs. Enhance your international currency thought leadership by sharing our regional currency market updates  

  • Are you looking for a provider of the sorts of services above, but want to ensure you build an alliance with a team that will enrich your customer relationships, meet your clients' expectations and elevate your brand's authority?

These are all benefits of partnering with XE, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide.

Euronet offers:

  • ATM and POS services

  • Prepaid mobile and gift card solutions

  • Cash-based and online global money remittance and payment services

After over a quarter-century in the money services industry, XE is a proven, reliable partner candidate for your growing business. Approximately 300 million unique users come to XE.com on an annual basis when they have an important need to address related to foreign exchange and/or cross-border payments. We empower businesses to compete on a global scale, while enabling personal clients to live their best international lives.  

Money Transfer Use Cases

High-Volume Payment Solutions for Institutional Payment Requirements

Some of XE's integrated solution offerings include:

  • Mass payment services for your company's use, or that of your clients

  • White label cross border payments

  • API-delivered currency data services for SaaS  

Are you interested in exploring XE's partner programs, and how they could play a strategic role in the growth trajectory of your business?

Contact us today to arrange a discussion of your unique requirements.

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