The Xe Referral Partner Program: Adding Value to Loan Market New Zealand's Clients and Advisors

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October 20, 2019 6 min read

About Loan Market

Loan Market is a network of over 1,000 highly experienced mortgage advisors across Australasia. In New Zealand, their team of over 100 expert advisors helps secure over $300 million in home finance each month.

With the most extensive panel of lenders in New Zealand, Loan Market advisers have access to a large range of loans and pride themselves in their deep understanding of the local real estate market.

Going above and beyond for clients

Liam Bratton is a highly successful and committed Loan Market advisor, based in the Auckland suburb of Epsom. Most of his business is in real estate, but he also does a bit of work around insurance. For Liam, being a great mortgage broker is about much more than just helping his clients get financing for their homes and investment properties. He believes that being successful in the long-term means he needs to be considered a trusted advisor for more than just mortgages.

“I align myself with people who are experts in the various areas related to loans and real estate so I can refer my clients to knowledgeable people when needed. Clients really value that. It means they keep coming back to me for advice and I'm always front of mind if they need help with loans or if someone in their network does."

A better way to make international transfers

Traditionally, his clients would use banks for these international money transfers. However, when Liam learned about XE at a Loan Market event, he realised there must be a better way for many of his clients. Through XE, his clients can get expert advice, better rates and advanced services like forwards to secure exchange rates into the future.

Liam quickly formed a close relationship with the local XE team. Being fully aware that his area of expertise is mortgages and not international money transfers, he appreciates having trusted and knowledgeable XE contacts who he can connect his clients to, and be confident that they will get the right advice.

“XE are a real value-add for me. It's been fantastic to be able to say to clients, if you are doing international transfers, I can connect you to an organisation that can almost certainly do it cheaper than your bank.

Every one of my clients that I have referred to XE has been very happy with the advice and service they received.”

A valuable partnership

This partnership has proven valuable in numerous situations – and in some cases, deals probably wouldn't have gone ahead without it. One such example is a high-value real estate deal that Liam worked on with an agent from Ray White Epsom. In this case, a client wanted to buy a new property but needed to sell the one they owned before they could do so. They quickly found an interested buyer. However, this person also needed to sell their current house to be able to move up the property ladder.

The agent from Ray White Epsom identified two buyers who showed interest in the second client’s property, but after one of them pulled out shortly before the auction, it all came down to the one remaining buyer.

While this person was very interested in the property, he relied on borrowing money from family in the UK for a few months and was very worried about what the political decisions around Brexit might do to the exchange rate. On the day before the auction, he decided to walk away from the deal.

He simply didn’t want to risk losing significant amounts of money if the British Pound crashed following a Brexit decision, which would result in him having to pay back a lot more New Zealand Dollars in a few months than he would borrow now.

When this client mentioned his concerns and intentions to walk away from the deal, Liam quickly realised that XE might be able to help hedge this risk. Liam connected the buyer to the experts from XE who offered a forward option where the exchange rate would be fixed into the future so the client could be confident he would not lose money if the exchange rate changes.

As a result, he was now happy to go ahead with the deal, and the auction was held as planned the next day. The seller was then able to buy their new home, and the owner of that property, in turn, could buy the one they wanted. Two families got their dream homes.

"There was no other buyer at the auction. I'm pretty sure this deal would not have gone ahead if XE hadn't been there to mitigate the exchange rate risk for the buyer."

Teaming up with XE enables Liam to add value and be a trusted advisor beyond just his own area of expertise, which makes it more likely that clients will be loyal.

“In this day and age, the more things you can help your clients with the better. I’m really glad I have found another way to offer value to my clients through XE.”

Brian Greer, CEO of Loan Market, also agrees with this strategy and has recommended XE to several of his clients and business contacts.

“Since meeting Marcus (Phillips, Strategic Partner & Affiliate Director, APAC) and the team at XE we have referred numerous clients and business partners their way and I can honestly say, all I have ever had back is positive feedback regarding their foreign exchange solutions and service provided.”

Your clients deserve a better deal.

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