How Xe helps McCullough Ltd Deliver Value to its Clients

McCullough regularly makes foreign currency payments, so foreign exchange is vital. They work with XE for great rates, personalized customer service, and reliable service.

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May 6, 2019 3 min read

Around the late 1980’s, used motor vehicles from Japan were arriving into New Zealand in greater numbers than ever before. With this increase, came a need for a freight forwarder who could not only handle cars and trucks, but one who understood the industry.

McCullough Ltd was founded in September of 1991. The company was formed to supply motor vehicle importers with a customs and freight forwarding service that was completely dedicated to the automotive trade.

Today, McCullough transports motor vehicles and a variety of products from Japan and other ports the world over. That said, the company still specialises in the automotive industry, and handles approximately 30% of motor vehicle imports into the New Zealand market.

McCullough regularly makes foreign currency payments, so naturally foreign exchange is an important consideration. Ensuring the company receives the sharpest exchange rates possible and are not charged fees, means that McCullough are not only able to protect their profits, but are able to pass these savings on to their clients – who increasingly just want McCullough to look after the whole purchasing process for them, start to finish.

This is one of the key benefits McCullough has realised since they started working with XE (then Currency Online) back in 2013, says McCullough General Manager Joe Steele.

“Because we can purchase foreign currency at a sharp rate, we can then pass these low rates on to our clients meaning everyone’s winning – why would you use a bank?

Also, the ability to hold multiple currencies on account allows us to make payments as and when required, and it’s a big plus that XE does same day payouts especially when urgent payments come up.”

With XE, Joe says he is able to get the best of both worlds – the ease and convenience of XE’s technology along with personalised, friendly service when he needs it.

For him, XE’s easy-to-use online platform has been fantastic, and now the XE mobile app has made things easier than ever.

“The online platform was just magic when it came out. It’s easy to use and makes taking advantage of products such as forwards and market orders simple.

Since Currency Online merged with XE, it’s been great to have the app which pulls everything into the one place – plus all our clients are familiar with the XE app and use it too which simplifies things for us.”

At the same time, Joe values the personal relationship he has with his account manager, Chrissy Willetts, who has been a knowledgeable, approachable go-to for him if he needs help.

“It’s great to have a dealer you can just go to when you need help. I can call Chrissy if I need advice or have made a mistake and she’s always able to help me out – I don’t use anyone else.”

To learn more about McCullough Ltd, check out their website.

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