Business Partner Spotlight: Why Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants Should Introduce XE to Their Clients

If you advise businesses on importing or exporting products internationally, XE offers partner programs which create an alternative revenue stream for your business, broaden your service portfolio, and build authority.

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August 19, 2019 4 min read

Pressed for time? Here are the 3 key takeaways from this article:

  1. If you advise businesses on importing or exporting products internationally, XE offers partner programs which can create an alternative revenue stream for your business, broaden your service portfolio, and build authority.

  2. XE offers customizable services for your clients which can mitigate the impact of unpredictable foreign exchange rate fluctuations. XE can help them control some of the costs of doing business globally by helping them develop a tailored FX strategy.

  3. Your clients' business needs are unique. XE offers bespoke services, from ForEx hedging to forward contracts and mass payments.

You can read on for more details, or fast-path to the XE Business Partner or Money Transfer for Business pages to learn more, or initiate contact with our business partner relationship managers.

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Consulting Businesses on Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Logistics?

The world isn't getting any smaller from a physical standpoint. Yet the speed of communications, data transmission, and international money transfer makes it seem like our planet has grown smaller than it was even a decade ago. Businesses of all sizes have greater access to international markets than ever, thanks to the internet, B2B and B2C e-commerce, digital payments and supply chain efficiencies.

If your business specializes in consulting with other companies that are seeking to broaden their market reach across borders, and overseas, joining the global community of XE business partners offers many opportunities to:

  • Create a new revenue stream for your business

  • Boosts your company's credibility as a partner to the world's most trusted currency authority

  • Enables your import business clients to buy inventory and components in foreign countries, without eroding their sales margins with bank fees or inflated exchange rates.

  • Ensures your clients' international payments get to their recipients quickly, and they can forecast their foreign exchange costs, even during uncertain times.

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XE: Powering your Clients International Payments

If you are in the business of advising manufacturers, wholesale, or retail businesses that ship their products all over the world - XE can help you, to help them to mitigate the cost of foreign payments with:

  • Forward contracts - Defined-term contracts which contractually hold exchange rates at a specified rate (which you and XE agree to), for a defined period of time over two business days, regardless of currency market fluctuations during that time.

  • Market orders - Your clients can select an exchange rate which they deem acceptable for a given payment with flexible terms. When the XE tradeable rate meets that rate, the transfer, (or transfers) will be initiated automatically.

  • Credit terms: We provide credit facilities to accommodate your requirements.

XE offers global payment and foreign exchange risk management for small businesses and larger corporations. Our FX consultants' expert market knowledge, coupled with a user-friendly online platform helps businesses minimize the impact of currency market volatility. XE can help reduce the costs of doing business globally through customized FX strategy.

If your clients are settling invoices abroad, repatriating overseas earnings, remitting international taxes, or distributing payroll funds to global employees - XE Money Transfer is a secure and reliable, channel for your client to transfer money internationally, even if the recipient doesn't have an account with XE.

We Watch International Currency Markets So You Don't Have To

If you are already consulting with customers on topics like international compliance, tax filing, offshore incorporation, freight forwarding, or working with 3rd party warehouse service providers, XE can help you expand your services into foreign exchange and money transfer.

We offer daily currency market analysis which can help you advise your clients. From simple one-off transfers to strategic hedging support, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each business client.

XE is "plugged into" the decentralized currency markets beyond any of our competitors. We offer the most trusted, real-time exchange rates in the industry, which we source and process from over 100 institutional data feeds. We are regulated by the financial oversight organizations of every country in which we operate.

If you are a consultant in the supply chain, distribution, or logistics arena, you'll find further information about our business partner programs on our blog. Or contact us today to arrange a discussion of your unique requirements.

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