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October 9, 2019 4 min read

Accountants and bookkeepers are often referred to as "bean counters", "number crunchers" or "Journal Jugglers."

Yet if you have earned any of the 25 professional accounting designations, including CPA, CGA, CMA, ABA, or CPB,  you know you have far more expertise than those nicknames give you credit for. Your responsibilities go beyond recording transactions, building balance sheets, filling out tax returns, and calculating profits and losses.  You likely consult with clients on matters relating to technology, regulatory compliance, and tax laws.  

If your accounting firm works with businesses that import goods for sale, sell goods internationally, or have subsidiaries overseas; the topic of how to mitigate the cost of doing business with overseas suppliers, customers, and business partners likely comes up often.

Accounting professionals often refer their clients to trusted service providers like real estate brokers or lawyers, but aren't properly compensated for their role in bringing the parties together.

As the world's most trusted authority in international currency, XE offers accounting professionals and financial advisors lucrative partnership opportunities which can expand the services and value you provide your clients, and add a new revenue stream to your firm.

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Expand Your Role as a Strategic Client Advisor

As an accounting professional, recommending a proven international money transfer services provider like XE reinforces your credibility in your clients' viewpoint. XE has been helping businesses and individuals to transfer money across borders for over 25 years.

Here are some of the many characteristics about XE which make our company your firm's best partner choice to empower your clients international lives, and to help them better compete in international markets.

  • We offer agreements like forward contracts and option agreements to mitigate your clients' foreign currency exchange exposure as currency valuations fluctuate.

  • XE has consistently achieved high marks (4.7 to 5 out of 5 stars) from TrustPilot, one of the leading and most authoritative consumer review websites on the internet.

  • XE complies with the financial regulations of every country that we serve. We constantly review, audit, and remediate our services and processes to comply with standards like the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). We are authorized by organizations like the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Canada's Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC).

  • Where a country's political, financial, and economic conditions inhibit brisk transfer between business or personal accounts, we restrict or stop providing services to or from there. Currently we transfer 60 currencies to over 170 countries.

  • XE is an international financial services company, and our corporate parent company, Euronet International, is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and EEFT exchanges.

Our accountancy partners advise their clients about the benefits of entrusting their payments to XE as a pure play money transfer provider as opposed to bank wire or SWIFT transfers. Accounting firms understand the context of their client's business goals and can help them to save on international payments.

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What XE Offers Accounting Firms as Strategic Alliance Benefits

XE offers several information resources to our clients and partners about international currency markets and the people, economic forces, and events which cause value fluctuation.

Some examples include:

  • Our Currency Market Analysis each weekday, which appears here on this blog, and on the XE Currency App.

  • Money transfer tips, such as why it makes sense to set up an overseas bank account if you'll be travelling in a foreign country for an extended period of time.

  • Webinars, in person events, and partner relationship managers in our global offices which educate, inform, and clarify matters related to transfers and exchanges.  

  • A broad set of APIs (Application Program Interfaces) to extend software and web services with functionality for cross-border payments, and the latest foreign exchange rate data.  

Accounting firms can enhance their consultative value to their clients, and XE also offers referral incentives to our partners either through our affiliate program links or other contractual arrangements.

If your firm has clients that are just starting to expand into international markets, or want to increase their profitability in global markets, our partner relationship managers would be happy to schedule a conversation with you.

In North America, you can contact our partner team at

In the Asia Pacific Region, contact us at:

In Europe, please contact Eleri Howe.

Please Note:

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