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Exchange rates can be complicated. The markets are constantly moving, and when you have multiple currencies that you want to monitor, tracking can easily grow overwhelming. Our Currency Data API service will allow you to easily access competitive rates, track your transactions, and display multi-currency pricing, all integrated within your existing software.

You can use the Currency Data API to better manage your business' multi-currency needs. For example, many corporations show prices in multiple currencies to sell more effectively to a global audience. Some organisations integrate currency rates directly into their accounting systems to save time and manage their finances more accurately. These are just a few examples of the many ways our clients use XE Currency Data API.

We offer flexible packages so you can choose the setup that works for your business. Select the frequency of rate updates and number of API rate requests per month to tailor your solution. We’ll support you through the process and help you easily plug-in XE Currency Data into your existing software. We provide SDKs for Java, NodeJS, PHP, and Python. 

Our Mass Payments solution will enable your business to process, execute and deliver multiple payments on a global scale from a single gateway or integrated into your own systems, easily and securely. This solution will vastly reduce the amount of time and manual work in your international payments, which will then allow you to devote more time and resources to other areas of your business.

With XE Mass Payments, your business can:

  • Cut or eliminate manual processes

  • Improve the speed of high-volume, time-sensitive payments

  • Use fewer resources than you currently do

  • Pay less than you typically would pay your bank

  • Receive hands-on support

Key Features of Xe Mass Payments: 

  • Available as a standalone platform, managed service or fully integrated API

  • Simple file upload

  • Automated payment verification and validation

  • Consolidate multiple currencies in a single file

  • Enables payment delivery on specific target dates

Your business doesn’t need to wait until the markets have already started moving to take action. FX volatility is a risk you can manage, and comprehensive FX risk management measures can help your organisation to reduce the impacts of market volatility and account for future shifts in the market.

Many organisations lack FX risk management programs. Some feel that FX risk isn’t a major risk to their organisation, while others lack the expertise or resources to implement the effective measures that their organisation needs. Partnering with a knowledgeable FX provider can help your organization to manage its currency risk.

At Xe, we have been operating in the currency business for over 25 years as a knowledgeable authority. We have extensive knowledge of the markets and comprehensive product offerings including FX risk management tools to help you and your corporation manage your currency risk with expert, tailored solutions.

We provide comprehensive international money transfer and currency risk management solutions, and our specialists work with businesses of all sizes to improve their foreign exchange outcomes.

When you work with Xe, you don’t need to constantly check the markets and worry about when the best time to make your payment. We’ll watch the markets for you and help you access the best, most competitive exchange rates. The same range of money transfer solutions available to customers our offered to our business users as well, these include:

  • Spot Transfers – Need to make a quick payment? Make an immediate transfer at the live exchange rate. No wait, no fuss.

  • Market Orders – Got time before you need to transfer? Set your target rate and send your transfer automatically once it’s live.

  • Forward Contracts – Like the rates? Lock in the current exchange rate for a future transfer within 3 years.

For many traditional financial institutions, contracting Xe’s services under a "white label" contract arrangement makes the best sense. This sort of contractual arrangement allows you to benefit from our market-leading platform and is fully customised to your brand.

Our white label contract services enable our financial services partners to benefit from:

  • Lower or minimal startup costs, and predictable cost models going forward.

  • Interoperability with your secure client portal, core ERP and related back-office applications

  • Delegation of payment technology infrastructure management to Xe.

  • Transfer of the burden of meeting international regulatory standards like PSD2 shifts to Xe, which we consistently do for every country we serve.

  • Proven domain leadership.

  • Pre-routed international transaction mapping, and brand-ready user interfaces.

  • For Mass Payments - it's easy to initiate several transfers at once across multiple currencies

Xe's Currency Data, Payment, and Mass Payments suite of APIs make up our White Label solutions portfolio. Your colleagues, partners, and customers will appreciate how your branding extends throughout their payment experience. Your shareholders and finance team will appreciate how our white label partnership will help you reduce transaction costs and avoid significant application development overheads.


Whether you’re a large corporation or a small family-owned business, if you’re making international payments or dealing with global currencies, it’s important that you understand your potential foreign exchange risk.

You need to work with a provider that can offer you the solutions that your business needs and help you to manage and minimise your FX risk. At Xe, we have over 25 years of experience in the currency world. We know the markets, and we’re ready to help you and your business navigate them.


We offer flexible pricing solutions and take the time to understand your business’s specific needs, rather than offering a generic service.

We’re able to develop a bespoke solution that meets all your foreign exchange needs – including helping you to manage future risk more effectively. You can choose a package that works for your business.

Industries we serve

In today's competitive marketplace, the ability to offer your customers added value, via a range of cost effective, high quality services is vital in retaining their business and growing yours.

With XE's White Label Solution, our partners can expand their portfolio of financial services, providing a compelling customer value proposition; competitive exchange rates, bank class security and consistent, customer led innovations:

  • Retain your brand value

  • Leverage a trusted international payment specialist

  • Provided added value for customers

  • Monetise existing demand

For companies operating in the Travel industry, including tour operators, airlines, online travel agents and hotels, you are faced with FX challenges daily. By having a clear view on your expenditure and understanding your overall FX risk means you can protect your business and anticipated cashflow from the impact of currency volatility.

XE works with companies in the travel industry, supporting them to achieve their business goals:

  • Bespoke hedging strategies to protect company bottom line and ensure they remain competitive

  • Access to competitive rates when paying supplier invoices via our international payments platform

  • Our team of currency experts provide proactive support and guidance allowing you to effectively forecast your cash flows

Our team understands that currency movements can have a significant impact on your profits. With a little planning, we can help you manage all your expected currency transactions and invoices. Our teams work with clients in the travel industry to manage foreign currency exposure from all of their holiday resorts, hotels or airlines.

Xe works with accountancy firms worldwide. Managing foreign exchange exposure proactively can save your clients money, as well as give peace of mind.

Whether your clients are:

  • Sending or receiving money globally

  • Managing imports or exports

  • Investing offshore

  • Travelling

XE can support you in helping them make their money go further.

If your client is impacted by Foreign Exchange risk, XE could be a cost-effective and time saving alternative to their traditional provider.

We’re supporting law firms and solicitors to provide their clients with they need to make informed decisions about the international payment services they require, how these will be delivered, and how much they will cost.

Our Partners trust our values and rely on our expertise as an innovative and technology driven provider of international payment solutions.

XE provides proactive support. Our commitment to quality, combined with our ability to adopt a flexible approach to individual client's changing needs has allowed us to engage steadily over the years and expand our International Payments service to include partnerships with solicitor and law firms in related areas, such as:

  • Wills, Trusts and Probate

  • Conveyancing (residential and commercial)

  • Family

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Xe advises organisations of all sizes on solutions for their international payroll, optimising their processes, improving visibility and control, and saving them money. This includes:

  • Ensuring your global payroll payments are made on time

  • Giving you access to an international payments platform

  • API integration with your organisations existing workflow

  • The ability for your business to benefit from competitive rates of exchange

  • Reduced manual errors and savings in payment processing

  • Reporting for fast, easy payment reconciliation

Processing international pension payments can be complex, expensive and time consuming. It can also be extremely repetitive, open to human error and cause significant impact when payments are delayed or lost. 

Don’t worry Xe can help.  We support businesses of all sizes to streamline their global pension payments, optimising their processes, improving transaction visibility, and providing greater control - saving them money.

We work with our partners in the insurance and claims management industries to simplify and streamline their global payment processes. By partnering with Xe, our global payment solutions can support your business to deliver greater efficiency and cost savings in relation to overseas settlements.

Our solutions enable you to process, execute and deliver multiple payments quickly, easily and securely to over 220 countries and territories in 139 currencies:

  • Available as a standalone platform, managed service or fully integrated API

  • Improve the speed of high-volume, time-sensitive payments

  • Automated payment verification and validation

  • Consolidate multiple currencies in a single file

  • Use fewer resources than you currently do

  • Pay less than you would typically pay your bank

Xe understands the unique challenges faced by Private Equity firms as they look to protect management fees and the value of assets from the risks presented by currency exposures.

We support our clients in the sector, as they address the risks associated to:

  • Receiving management fees in different currencies

  • Transactional currency exposure - when they are investing in and realising their investment in assets

  • Purchase exposure - as they look to hedge the Net Asset Value of assets

  • Share class FX hedging for hedge funds

Our clients in the marine industry benefit from our knowledge of this dynamic marketplace, and our variety of solutions support businesses to achieve their goals. Whether you are:

  • Making one-off, or multiple payments to overseas vendors

  • Securing rates for future delivery in line with payment schedules

  • Looking to develop a risk management strategy to give you visibility and certainty

Xe has the solutions and expertise to support you to protect your profit margins from potentially choppy environments.

Xe partners with organisations of all sizes, to help ensure the timely, cost effective payment of expenses and taxes to complete the full execution of a global mobility program. Some of the key challenges companies face in this sector, which we can help with, include:

  • Making urgent payments for deposits on properties and local taxes

  • Making regular payments for employee salaries, overseas accommodation and commercial property leases

  • Making payments to remote destinations and emerging markets

  • Routing banks deducting fees and charges resulting in foreign payment shortfalls

  • Resolving errors with payments being delayed or returned for insufficient payment details

Manufacturing goods in one country to sell to another exposes you to exchange rate fluctuations that could have a potentially detrimental impact on your profitability.

Taking a proactive approach to currency exposure protects your bottom line against exchange rate fluctuations, allowing you to:

  • Secure pricing against competitors in order to help win new business through the guarantee of costs

  • Make confident forecasted returns on exported goods

  • Protect the profit on jobs that have been previously tendered

  • Support the retention of your customer base by providing certainty

We’re supporting retailers to manage their exposure to currency risk and improve customer service. If you’re a retailer buying goods from overseas, sharp movements in exchange rates could impact your profit margins and supply chain.

We can help you take a proactive approach to currency exposure, allowing you to:

  • Protect costs for imports and exports

  • Improve retention of your customer base through consistent pricing

  • Save time through improved visibility on forecasting

Xe has a wide range of tools that retailers use to insure their business against the possibility of adverse rate movements.

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Follow these simple steps and you’ll be back up and running in no time:

  1. Head to the sign in page and click the forgot your password link.

  2. Enter the email address you use to log in to your Xe account and we’ll send you a code to verify your identity. 

  3. Go to your email inbox and check for an email from us with your code. If it’s not there, try refreshing your inbox or looking in your spam or junk folder. 

  4. Return to Xe and enter the code in the box as prompted to activate the password reset function.

  5. Create a new password and you’re all set.

If you’d like to update the password associated with your business account, then you can do so by first logging in to our secure website using your existing credentials.

Under the My Account tab you’ll find our Login Details section. Head to the Login Details page and select the option to edit your password.

You’ll be asked to provide your current password and then enter your new one, which must meet the requirements set out for security reasons. Hit update password to complete the process.

Yes, of course you can, and it’s important that we hold the latest information about your company. We understand that businesses can change things like their trading name, email address, trading address and company directors. Don’t worry, we’re to help you with that. 

You’ll need to contact us and speak to one of our team as you can’t make changes to your business details online. We may need you to send us some documents to confirm your changes, but we’ll let you know when we speak to you.

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