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  • North American Edition

    A firmer yen amid a risk-off backdrop has been the dominant theme so far today as concerns about a worsening trade war plug at investors' anxieties. News, announced on Sunday, that the PBoC trimmed banks' reserve ratio requirement had limited ... Read More 

    2018-06-25 10:49 UTC
  • European Edition

    The yen has rallied across-the-board as stock markets in Asia went bearish again on concerns about a worsening trade war. USD-JPY pulled back to a two-week low of 109.37. The biggest mover has been AUD-JPY cross, which is presently showing a fairly ... Read More 

    2018-06-25 06:47 UTC
  • Asian Edition

    The dollar traded mixed, losing ground to the yen and euro while gaining against higher beta currencies, such as the Australian dollar and its dollar bloc brethren, along with most emerging market currencies. This came as the spectre of a deepening ... Read More 

    2018-06-25 16:20 UTC

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2018-06-25 19:20 GMT
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