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  • North American Edition

    The Dollar and Yen rose while the Euro, Australian Dollar and other currencies dropped as risk-off went next level today as the Turkish Lira dove to new record lows, which in turn sparked risk aversion in other emerging market currencies. Ankara ... Read More 

    2018-08-13 11:08 UTC
  • European Edition

    The Dollar and Yen rallied amid a coursing risk-off theme in markets, which has hit Asian stock markets, commodity prices, and seen the likes of the Euro and Australian Dollar underperform relative to the other main currencies. The Turkish Lira dove ... Read More 

    2018-08-13 07:21 UTC
  • Asian Edition

    The Dollar soared to better than one-year highs in N.Y. on Friday, taking the DXY to levels last seen on July 7 of last year. The Greenback had been on the move higher during the London morning session, as Turkey melted down on economic turmoil ... Read More 

    2018-08-10 19:18 UTC

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2018-08-14 06:57 GMT
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