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Do you charge any commissions or transaction fees?


No. We do not charge any commissions or transaction fees. The only possible "extra charge" you could incur from us is if you choose to have your funds delivered by Wire Transfer, instead of by EFT or Draft (which are both free). However, unlike with the banks, XE Trade Wire Transfers from us are done as close to "cost" as possible, and any fees for an outgoing Wire Transfer from us are always stated up front before you confirm your transaction.

We make our money on what is known as the "spread". This is the small difference between the price we quote you for a transaction and our actual cost of completing the transaction for you. Since foreign exchange is our specialty, we can do this extremely efficiently. In addition, our volumes allow us to make the spread as low as possible. The result is a much lower transaction cost than other providers, and without any extra per-transaction "commissions" or "fees" that are common elsewhere.

Important: The mid-market rates shown in our free information tools and services are the midpoint between the buy rates and the sell rates prevailing in the market. No trades ever occur at these rates. For more information on mid-market rates, see the next section below.

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