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Do you charge any commissions or transaction fees?


No. We make our money on what is known as the spread. This is the small difference between the price we quote you for a transaction and our actual cost of completing the transaction for you.

We give full quotes based on the current market prices before you commit to a transaction:

  • All prices quoted when making a transaction through the XE Trade system are the total amounts you will send to us for the conversion:
    • Any fees for an outgoing Wire Transfer (if you choose that delivery method) from us are always stated up front before you confirm your transaction (see delivery methods).
    • Once you accept the terms of the trade, the rates are fixed at that quoted price.
    • Note: Third-party charges may be incurred which are beyond our control – read more.
    • Note: On rare occasions we may apply additional fees due to issues created by user error. You can read more here.

We do not charge:

  • Ongoing account fee or maintenance charges
  • Additional commissions or per-transaction fees.
  • There are no minimum transfer amounts.

Important: The mid-market rates shown in our free information tools and services are the midpoint between the buy rates and the sell rates prevailing in the market. We do not trade at the mid-market rate - no transactions ever occur at these rates - read more.

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