About XE

XE has a simple mission statement:to facilitate global commerce

Who Are We?

XE™ is the world's favorite provider of online Internet foreign exchange tools and services. Independent rankings consistently confirm that more people - and websites - use our wide variety of currency tools than any others. We are committed to continuing our role as leaders and innovators in the foreign exchange industry and are always working to add new services that benefit you.

Brief History

XE was founded in Canada in 1993, providing computer consulting and Internet services for corporate clients. Through our consulting services we quickly identified the need for interactive financial services on the web, so we set out to demonstrate how interactive financial services could be. As a result, in 1995, on our XE.COM™ website, we launched a service called the XE Currency Converter ® - creating one of the web's very first dynamic sites.

XE became increasingly popular, and by 1997, it was clear that we were running the Internet's dominant currency tool. We switched our business focus to currency services and began enhancing our proprietary rate system and website. We further developed our advanced rate infrastructure to factor in multiple sources and automatically detect errors. This lets us generate a highly reliable data feed that is much more accurate than any individual feed. By the new millennium we had become a bona fide currency portal. Today, more than one thousand clients, many of them major corporations, license our Data Feed Service currency rates for commercial purposes.

by 1997, it was clear that we were running the Internet's dominant currency tool.

To meet the demands of our users, in early 2002 we launched XE Trade Global Payments, our online discount foreign exchange service. XE Trade enables businesses and individuals to send, receive and track international payments and buy and sell foreign currency.

We continue working to provide you with new and improved currency services, enhancing the look of our site, and developing the most useful and friendly services we can. To receive updates about our progress, you can subscribe to the XE Newsletter.

We're proud to say that independent sources list XE as the world's most popular currency site... we take this to mean that we are on the right track.

Quick Facts

  • XE Trade processes billions of dollars in currency trades.
  • XE licenses 35,000+ XE Currency Converters®.
  • We provide commercial currency data to 1,000+ clients.
  • Our site serves 18+ million unique users per month.
  • The XE Currency App has received 7+ million downloads.
  • We are privately owned by our original two founders.
XE Currency Quick Facts

Who Uses XE?

  • Countries

  • Europe - 23%
  • United Kingdom - 15%
  • United States - 12%
  • Canada - 8%
  • Australia - 8%

  • Purpose

  • Personal - 54.4%
  • Work - 24.3%
  • Work & Personal - 21.3%
  • Employment Level

  • Sr. Management+ - 54%
  • Management - 25%
  • Household Income

  • $100k+ - 40%
  • $75k-$100k - 15.5%
  • $60k-$75k - 8%

Whom Does XE Support?

At XE, we believe that helping others improves everyone's quality of life. Because the organizations we support reflect upon our company, we wanted to give our team members the opportunity to participate in our charitable giving.

Every year, XE supports five principal charities. In addition, every employee gets to pick a charity to which we donate $1000. These are just a few of the many organizations that we support:

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