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Can I use XE Trade at any time?


Yes. XE Trade can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important Information:
Due to reduced trading in the currency markets on weekends, there may be restrictions on trading limits from Friday 9:00 pm to Sunday 10:00 pm GMT. Between these times:
  • You may receive an error message stating you cannot trade a requested amount, even if it is within your trade limit.
    • If this occurs, please try a smaller amount or book your trade after the weekend
  • It is generally more expensive to buy and sell currency during this window.
    • This will be reflected in the rates you are quoted through your account.
  • Your transaction will also not be processed until the banks dealing with the currencies in question are open for business.
    • You may wish to wait until after these hours to place your transaction to get the best benefit from your account.

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