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Risk-free quotes, free transfer options, & more

Every month, over 11,000 customers use XE Trade to make global payments, send funds to family, pay international businesses, and even buy foreign real estate. XE Trade is convenient, secure, and offers competitive exchange rates.

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Fast and accurate payments.

Competitive exchange rates

Free money transfer options

At XE, our specialty is foreign exchange - that’s why we can provide such competitive rates. Get access to unlimited live quotes and take control of your international money transfers.


It`s easy to use

Order online money transfers anytime

Currency exchange can be a pain, but with the simple to use XE Trade platform you can easily send money transfers 24/7. The XE Trade service works with your existing bank account, so sending online money transfers is easy and simple.

Customer service team.

Ongoing support & service

The XE Trade help desk is available 24/7

If you have questions about your transfer, the XE Trade customer service team is here to help. With XE Trade you receive email updates tracking the progress of your transfer. Plus, you can get a FREE subscription to our World Market Update emails.

Customer service team.

Secure & reliable

Your payments are safe and secure

Safety and security is very important to us. The XE Trade platform uses the highest level of browser encryption used by financial institutions worldwide. For more information, read about our Security & Reliability.

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Advanced Features

Bid for Rates

Place an order for a target rate and the markets will be monitored for you 24/7. If the rate is reached, your order will be booked automatically.

Get Rate Alerts

Create rate alerts for the currencies you want to trade. Exchange rates will be monitored for you and you will be notified if your target rate is reached.

XE Trade on Mobile

It`s easy to send a transfer on the go with your mobile device. You can even track your transaction and view your trade history.

XE Trade currency exchange and money transfer services are provided by our locally licensed business partner.
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