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We take the greatest care in ensuring the security of the XE Trade platform. XE Trade services are governed by stringent anti-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering laws. Our servers use the maximum level of browser encryption.

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Highest level of security

The XE Trade platform uses the same advanced encryption used by financial institutions worldwide. Our secure online servers use 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. For more information, read about SSL Certificates.

Strict financial regulations

XE Trade is available in several countries. XE partners with local businesses who provide the currency exchange and money transfer services and who are registered/licensed in all jurisdictions served by XE Trade including the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia.

10+ years of experience

When we developed XE Trade in 2002, we wanted to provide competitive rates and quality support, so we partnered with Custom House ULC and its affiliates. Established in 1992, they became one of the largest foreign exchange companies and in 2009, were acquired by Western Union, which handles 700+ million annual transactions.

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About XE

Founded in 1993, XE has become a trusted leader in the foreign exchange industry. Since 2002, our XE Trade services have booked over $10 billion in currency transfers, facilitated more than 1.3 million transactions, and serves over 33,000 customers annually. We are committed to continual innovation in the foreign exchange industry.

" I think you are brilliant. Thank you for the great service, every time. " Natalie - United Kingdom

XE Trade currency exchange and money transfer services are provided by our locally licensed business partner.
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