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Booking a money transfer is simple

Need to send money to family abroad? Moving funds between international accounts? Sign up for XE Trade and transfer money online 24/7. You get free online quotes, so you know your costs before you confirm a trade.

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Send a money transfer in 3 easy steps

  1. Order your money transfer
    • Get quotes 24/7 on our secure site or app
    • Select your transfer options and beneficiary
    • Confirm your transaction to lock-in a rate
  2. Send your payment
    • Pay by: Wire, EFT, ACH, BACS, & more
      XE Trade lets you pay by:

      Wire Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), BACS Transfers, CHAPS Transfers, and Faster Payments Service (FPS). Learn more 

      You CANNOT pay by:

      Bank Draft or Check, Cash, Credit Card, Interac/E-mail Money Transfers, or PayPal. Learn more 

    • Send payment to our locally licensed business partner
  3. The converted funds are delivered
    • Your payment is converted at the locked in rate
    • Funds are delivered by Wire, EFT, ACH, & Draft
      XE Trade delivers by:

      Wire Transfer, EFT Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH), and Draft. Learn more 

      XE Trade CANNOT:

      Deliver funds as cash. Learn more 

    • Receive an email when your trade is settled

It’s Easy & Secure!

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Advanced Features

Bid for Rates

Place an order for a target rate and the markets will be monitored for you 24/7. If the rate is reached, your order will be booked automatically.

Get Rate Alerts

Create rate alerts for the currencies you want to trade. Exchange rates will be monitored for you and you will be notified if your target rate is reached.

XE Trade on Mobile

It`s easy to send a transfer on the go with your mobile device. You can even track your transaction and view your trade history.

XE Trade currency exchange and money transfer services are provided by our locally licensed business partner.
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