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Do you charge a fee to receive funds using a Wire Transfer?


No. We do not charge any fees or surcharges to receive funds into our accounts. If the full amount is not received by us, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your bank sent your funds through an intermediary that deducted a service fee. Such fees are completely outside of our control.
  • Your bank deducted a fee from your outgoing Wire. To avoid this, when sending a Wire always tell your bank that you want to pay for any Wire costs separately.
    • You may see "Charges OUR" when sending a wire to us - please use this option to ensure that your bank charges any of their fees to you directly. This should ensure that we receive the full amount of your transfer.
  • You requested payment by Wire, but did not send us the proper amount specified at the time of trade to cover the Wire cost. If you do not send us the full amount of the trade, including Wire costs, we must deduct the Wire costs from the amount that we actually receive.

If none of these situations apply please contact your financial institution.

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