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How do I increase or decrease my trade limit?


  • You can increase or decrease your Trade Limit or Direct Debit Limit with our online request form.
  • Simply log in to your XE Trade account, look in the Trade Limit section at the bottom of the homepage, and click on the ”View Details/Request Limit Increase” link.
  • Limit increases for both Trade Limit and Direct Debit Limit must be requested separately, and increasing one limit does not mean the other will automatically increase.

Note: Due to reduced trading in the currency markets on weekends, there may be restrictions on trading limits from Friday 9:00 pm GMT to Sunday 10:00 pm GMT. During this time, you may receive an error message stating you cannot trade a requested amount, even if it is within your trade limit. If this occurs, please try a smaller amount or book your trade after the weekend.

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