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Does XE Trade work anywhere in the world?


Almost! Clients all across the world use XE Trade to buy and sell currency every day. Transactions involving Wire Transfers and Drafts can be performed almost everywhere.

In addition, in Canada and the USA, Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) are also available. However, while very cost effective, EFT-capable bank accounts are not required to use XE Trade. XE Trade can be used outside of the United States and Canada. Even without EFT, clients all across the world save money every day with XE Trade.

Note: When sending us the funds to be converted, you can in fact use any electronic payment method available to you, provided that you initiate the payment within 3 business days and that you inform us by e-mail when it has been initiated. Such payment methods would be used in place of a Wire Transfer when sending payments to XE Trade. For example, in the United Kingdom, the CHAPS or BACS services can be used, and In Australia and New Zealand, the Internet Payment and Pay Anyone services can be used. These are just examples; other options may be available in your jurisdiction.

If you wish to use such a payment method, specify "Wire" as the method by which you will be sending the funds to us. If you are uncertain whether a given payment method will work, please investigate it before making your trade. We can not accept payment by cash or check.

Note: There are a few places to and from which XE Trade cannot be used to send funds, regardless of the currencies involved. Please see FAQ #5 in this section for details.

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