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Adding the Updated XE Personal Currency Assistant to Your Site

Customized Personal Currency Assistant

Learn how to add a customized Personal Currency Assistant to your site. It's a basic pop-up, so you won't have to code it into your site.

Adding the new and improved version of our PCA to your site is now simpler than ever! Just copy and paste the following code to the place in your web page where you want the PCA link to appear:

Click below to launch the XE Personal Currency Assistant.

This is exactly how the above code will appear and function in your own page.

Many people find it helpful to customize the PCA, having the amount and currencies already filled in. For example, if you are selling something for USD $50, you might want to lock in a source value of 50 USD , leaving only the "To Currency" to be filled in by the end user. That way they can quickly determine how much 50 USD is in their own currency, without needing to fill in the first two fields.

For each field (Amount, From, To) you can specify "hard-wired" values that the user cannot override , or "suggested" values that users can change if they wish. Experiment below to get the result you desire.

If you "hard wire" all three fields, then the PCA will simply open the results page for the conversion , since the user wouldn't be able to change any values anyway.

Customizing the PCA   TIP: Skip any form fields that you don't wish to affect.
Convert this amount:

Suggested Fixed  
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PCA Placement:
Your page using the PCA is:
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Be embedded in an existing page
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