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Analisi di mercato XE

  • North American Edition

    The dollar has corrected some of the gains seen yesterday and through today, led by a rebound in EUR-USD and a decline-from-highs in USD-PY, with the former repairing to around 1.1600 from a 16-day low posted earlier at 1.1543 and the latter ... Read More 

    2018-06-15 10:56 UTC
  • European Edition

    The dollar majors have posted narrow ranges so far today, heading into the London interbank open. EUR-USD has consolidated in a narrow range, for instance, just above Friday's three-week low at 1.1543, USD-JPY dipped to a low of 110.30, which is ... Read More 

    2018-06-18 06:27 UTC
  • Asian Edition

    Yields fell, stocks fell, as did the dollar in N.Y. on Friday. The announcement of U.S. tariffs on China imports was greeted with China saying it would impose matching tariffs on U.S. goods. Commodities were lower, as those markets began pricing in ... Read More 

    2018-06-15 19:27 UTC

XE Live Exchange Rates

2018-06-18 07:46 GMT
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