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  • North American Edition

    EUR-USD ebbed back under 1.1700, over 70 pips down from pre-Europe levels in a move composed of about one part general dollar firming and about three parts general euro weakening. Relatively sustained selling of EUR-JPY, traded at three-day lows, ... Read More 

    2017-08-17 11:27 UTC
  • European Edition

    The dollar majors traded without drama during the pre-London open session in Asia. USD-JPY settled to the lower 109.0s after capping out at a 109.42 on Friday, which was seen following a pop higher on the news that Trump advisor Bannon was out (on ... Read More 

    2017-08-21 07:26 UTC
  • Asian Edition

    The combination of terror attacks, and ongoing U.S. political gyrations riled markets again in N.Y. on Friday, taking USD-JPY to four month lows of 108.61 in the process, as risk-off conditions prevailed. Later in the session, it became clear that ... Read More 

    2017-08-18 18:05 UTC

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2017-08-21 08:35 GMT
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