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Spread the word about our newsletter. Forward this to a friend.Since our last update, we've been hard at work updating our products and offering new ones. To start, we celebrated our 15th anniversary this August, which makes us veritable Internet senior citizens. After fifteen years, we're proud to say that we're more popular than ever. We just signed a deal with Expedia to offer discount travel services on our site, and our decade old Currency Update Service got an upgrade that will now keep you better informed about the daily markets. We introduced FXCM Microlots - making forex more accessible with a $25 minimum account size. And last, but not least, we received a business excellence award.

Steve Dengler and Beric Farmer by XE logoXE Celebrates 15th anniversary

Picture it - it's 1993. Bill Clinton becomes President of the United States. Generation Xers Steve and Beric are drooling over the first ever Pentium Processor, and the duo's infatuation with technology leads to the birth of 15 years may not seem like long ago, but in Internet years, it might as well be a millennium. This August, we celebrated XE's 15th anniversary with friends, associates, and family. Coincidentally, Steve and Beric also celebrated their 40th birthdays this year. What's in store for the next 15 years? Aside from a few grey hairs... we're just getting started.

XE breaks more traffic records

XE Traffic RankMarket volatility continues to shake up the economy at a magnitude of historic proportions. With international markets so interdependent, currency exchange is, yet again, dominating news headlines. Third party rankings now consistently identify our site as one of the 500 most visited sites in the world, and is a top 50 site in countries like Ireland and Australia. In October, XE celebrated yet another traffic milestone by serving over one million unique users in a single day - a trend that has continued every day since.

So it goes without saying that record traffic translates to other new records at XE. For example, take XE Trade, our global payments service: last month, we obliterated our previous records for the most registrations, activations, trading volume, number of trades, number of clients trading, revenue... well, you get the picture. Page Views

Ships Ahoy! XE and Expedia embark on a new journey

Up to half of XE's traffic comes from people planning a trip, so why not make the process easier for them? Thanks to our new partnership with Expedia, you'll soon be able to plan your entire trip through our site.

"Expedia is excited to work with XE to help develop their travel vertical, XE Travel," said Jim Loughlin, Business Development Senior Manager at Expedia. "Our services are right in line with XE's userbase, who will benefit from our wide range of travel content, booking services and, of course, our best price guarantee."

Book a cruise, order foreign cash, even read travel guides - XE clients will have a one stop shop for all their traveling needs.

Currency Update Service gets an upgrade

The e-mail Currency Update Service has been available for 10 years and has over 180,000 subscribers. Until recently, the service sent a daily plain-text e-mail with currency rates. With 500 new subscribers each day, we felt it was time to re-vamp the service, which is now more dynamic than ever.

After the reno, tonnes of people have commented on how much they love the improvements, and we're feeling the love with a 100% increase in sign-ups - that's over 1,100 new subscribers on some days! The new HTML format lets us include headlines from XE Forex News as well as central bank interest rates, giving you a more complete overview of what's happening on the daily markets. Plus, integrated ads can now keep you informed of all of our new currency products. Curious about the service? Learn More

Microlots make forex more accessible

Our Forex partner has launched a new discount forex trading product that will let virtually anyone trade forex with as little as twenty-five bucks. We're excited to introduce FXCM Micro because it makes the foreign exchange market accessible to practically anyone interested in speculating in Forex. Since we launched the micro accounts, applications have shot up almost 700%. To date, that makes FXCM Micro the most successful forex trading product we have introduced with FXCM.

FXCM Micro has 100% automated execution with tight spreads, a 1K micro lot size at $2.50 per lot, and includes a free subscription to professional grade trading signals to keep you informed of current forex related news. The key to FXCM Micro is the $25 account minimum and small lot size which really opens the door to all levels of traders. Check out FXCM Micro

XE receives business excellence award

This October, we were awarded a business excellence award by our local chamber of commerce; the award recognized our growth, products, and services. "It took the involvement of a lot of good people over a long time to achieve success." said Steve, CEO of XE. "This award rests on the shoulders of all those people who contributed to our success."

Business of Excellence Award showing crack on it after it was dropped.It took 15 years and the hard work of countless people to earn this award ...and only a split second for that beautiful hunk of crystal to slip through Beric's fingers and crash to the ground.

"Thankfully, it was an award for business excellence and not for physical coordination", said Beric, President of XE. "It was an honour to be recognized by our peers and community. We'd like to specifically thank our employees and partners for their efforts and dedication and also our customers for their support and loyalty. We commend the adjudication committee for making community support and involvement part of the evaluation criteria and encourage all businesses and individuals to give back to their communities, both local and global."

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