XE Newsletter May 2009. 1.2+ billion page views Q2 '09. 198% vs Q2 '08.
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Thank you for your interest in XE.com, the world's favorite currency site. We hope you enjoy our company update.

What's New
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To start, this is our 9th straight month as a top 500 site in the world. XE Travel is barely a few months old, but people are buzzing about it, and we can’t forget XE Trade's upcoming improvements that are making it cheaper and faster to exchange funds. In other news, our Currency Update Service broke an all-time record of 200,000 live subscribers, our team has created some new currency tools that’ll simply make you giddy, and lastly, we’re proud to share our community contributions.

XE Traffic RankTraffic

The economy has continued its run of volatility driving demand for current and accurate market data. We continue to rank as a top 500 site and have experienced unprecedented growth in traffic and revenue.

In March, we received 450 million page views and sixteen million unique visits. In addition, our currency trading division experienced 100% revenue growth in the first half of fiscal 2009 compared to 2008. At a time when people are saying that flat is the new up – we are very pleased to achieve this level of growth.

Monthly Page Views - XE, Apr 2009

XE Travel launched

Lowest Hotel Rates Guaranteed! https://www.xe.com/travel/bookyourtrip/We finally launched the much anticipated XE Travel.  Prices have never been more competitive, and people are going the extra mile to shop around. Offering a best hotel rate guarantee is working in our favor as we’ve had over 100,000 visits to our travel vertical.

You can research your trip and book your flight, hotel, cruise, and car, all at discount prices. Our Destination Guide offers reviews and opinions that are actually written by real people (just like you) for cities, hotels, attractions, and restaurants. With this tool, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting real information and not just some marketing gimmick. Visit XE Travel

 XE Trade gets an upgrade

Save on Money Transfers. https://www.xe.com/fxIncreasing regulation in currency exchange has made international money transfers more secure; but it also caused client registrations for XE Trade to become more time intensive. Now, with XE Trade's new fully automated registration process, accounts are being activated in hours, not days, letting clients book their trades when they really need it.

We're also introducing a major upgrade to the XE Trade platform, featuring a much improved interface with quick quotes and other useful tools. You'll still get the same best rates, but now, you can purchase even more currencies online, like the Indian Rupee and the Chinese Yuan.  Plus, when you book your trade, you can now send FREE transfers to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and the US.  Yup, you read that right: F-R-E-ESignup Now

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets

The XE team has been hard at work creating FREE currency tools for all. These are just two of the new tools we’re working on:

XE Currency App (for iPhone) - Coming soon!
Who doesn’t love iPhone apps?  You can track rates every 60 seconds or let them auto-update every 15 minutes. You can even give it a shake to update instantly. The built in calculator also helps you figure out exactly how much you’re spending on those impromptu purchases abroad. Learn more

XE Currency Conversion Tracker (for iGoogle)
Track and save up to 5 currency conversions on your iGoogle home page. It’s relatively new, but this widget has more then 5,000 subscribers. It has a 5 star rating and some claim it is the “best currency gadget” they’ve used. Get the iGoogle Gadget

Isaac Opoku-MintaCurrency Update Service milestone

In February, our Currency Update Service (CUS) surpassed 200,000 active subscriptions. We were so excited about hitting our big milestone, that we contacted our 200,000th subscriber, Mr. Isaac Opoku-Minta from Ghana, West Africa.

We wanted to thank him for his support and send him an XE shirt to show him our gratitude. In return, Isaac was kind enough to send us his picture to include in this letter.  Thanks Isaac!

Giving Back

At XE, we believe that helping others improves everyone’s quality of life, so we try our best to give back to our community.  Each year, XE supports four principal charities, plus every employee gets to pick a charity to which we donate $1,000. Habitat for Humanity and the Sunshine Foundation are just two of the organizations that have recently recognized our charitable contributions.  

The environment is also a big priority for us, so we have chosen Bullfrog Power to offset 100% of our energy consumption.  Bullfrog Power’s green electricity comes exclusively from wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada. It’s a small step, but we think that if more of us support clean energy, more resources will be invested to create a greener future.

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