XE Newsletter Jan 2010. 1.2  billion page views Q1 '10. 120% vs Q1 '09.
Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in XE.com, the world’s favorite currency site. We hope you enjoy our company update.

What’s New
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We’re happy to announce that in Q1’09, third-party rankings listed our site as one of the top 400 sites in the world. That’s a significant improvement from our Q1’08 top 500 ranking. As well, we delivered on one of our primary goals of 2009 - better mobile currency tools – which have received praise from our fans and the media. We also launched our Facebook fanpage to better connect with our fans and released XE Charts on our homepage, allowing users to gain a deeper insight into currency rates. In addition, since we automated XE trade’s registration, we can report that have seen a huge jump in account signups. In community news, we were proud to sponsor a local award presented to The Women’s Centre of York Region. And, what could be better then watching an event with a three thousand year old tradition? How about actually participating! Find out how Steve, our CEO, participated in the Olympics!

Traffic Report

While Q1’09 did not present the same kind of spike in page views seen in October 08 (triggered by extreme economic volatility), we have maintained our traffic volume and have shown improvement in other areas. XE has seen a 7.5% increase in unique users in Q1’09 compared to Q1’08, and third party rankings now consistently identify our site as one of the 400 most visited sites in the world - an improvement from last year’s top 500. All in all, millions of people all over the world continue to trust XE as their primary currency source.

XE Mobile Apps: currency rates to go

XE Currency for iPhone
XE Currency for iPhoneIn our last newsletter, we mentioned the launch of our XE Currency app for iPhone. It has since created a lot of buzz and is rated 15th under top free utility apps in Australia, 34th in the UK, and 42nd in Canada. The Independent in the UK has named it one of the best 50 mobile apps and CNN Go ranked it 7th in "11 crucial iPhone travel apps ". In just eight months, the XE Currency app for iPhone has received more then 850,000 downloads.

XE Currency for BlackBerry
People all over the world have told us how much they love our iPhone app, so we developed the XE Currency app for BlackBerry, which had a limited release this November. The app has the same great functionality as the popular iPhone App including access to 180+ world currencies and precious metals, the ability to monitor up to 10 currencies, and a simple user interface that lets you to easily switch your base currency. We tried to limit our BlackBerry release to just a few fans, but word got out; the app was picked up by a few BlackBerry blogs and we’ve since had more then 3,300 downloads. We can’t wait to see what happens when we actually launch it! Take it for a test drive >

XE Currency for Android
If there’s one thing that has dominated tech news headlines, it’s been Google’s recent launch of the Nexus Phone and its Android operating system. We are happy to report that XE Currency for Android is ready to go. While we have not done a full launch of the application, we released it on a limited basis for Beta testing; it has received over 5,700 downloads. Check it out >

XE Currency for SamsungXE Currency for Samsung
To add to the success of the XE Currency app, Samsung is now launching it worldwide on more then twenty of their devices including their flagship Omnia II, and Giorgio Armani Samsung Smartphones. "We’re excited to offer the XE Currency application" said Kenny Lee, Vice President of the Contents Planning Team in the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics. "Our global client base will be able use their Samsung devices to track live mid-market rates for every world currency wherever they go." Samsung recently launched the XE Currency app in the UK, where more than 700 users downloaded the app in the first week alone.

XE has gone social!

With millions of people using XE every day, we wanted a space where people could have a conversation (with us and with each other) about our products. So we started a Facebook fanpage. XE fans get instant access to the latest XE announcements, and even get to test some of our tools before anybody else in the world. In fact, they were the first to test our new XE Currency App for BlackBerry. In just a few months, we’ve had more then 1,700 fans join our fanpage and we’re hoping to share the conversation with thousands more.
Are you a fan? Join now >

Charts - 10 years in the making

XE Currency ChartFor a long time, people have been begging us to add currency charts to our site. They wanted more insight into currency rates to see what direction or trend the rate was taking. Well, we finally listened. On our homepage, we now offer currency charts for all of our major currency pairs and eventually, we hope to expand this functionality to all currency pairs. To see our new charts, all you have to do is visit XE.com and click on a rate in our cross-rate table. A chart will appear graphing the rates for that currency pair for the last 24 hours. This has been a big dream of ours and we are really excited about our new Charting product.

XE Trade in under a day

Since XE Trade’s automated registration was implemented, accounts in some of our biggest markets - the US, the UK, Canada and Australia - can be activated in under a day. All existing clients have been transferred to our new platform which features a much improved interface and FREE transfers to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and the US. So how has this improved business? Account activations have more then doubled with a 152% increase in Q1’09 compared to Q1’08. Find out how easy it is to join XE Trade. Sign up now >

XE in the community

XE Sponsors a Non-Profit Award
This year, XE sponsored the Non-Profit award at our local Chamber Business Excellence Awards. The award was presented to The Women's Centre of York Region.

"We are very honored to win the Non-Profit Award", said Kristen Eastwood, Executive Director of the Women’s Centre. "This will help increase community awareness of the work we do and how businesses and individuals can get involved. Thank you to XE.com for making a big ripple."

The Women’s Centre of York Region provides counseling and skills development services to women affected by abuse or significant financial challenges. We are very proud to sponsor an award for such a great organization.

Steve Dengler Olympic torch relayCharitable Giving
At XE, we strive to give back to our local and global community, so each year, we support four principal charities. We also let every employee pick a charity to which we donate $1,000. The Canadian Red Cross and The Stephen Lewis Foundation are just two of the dozens of organizations that we supported in 2009.

Steve goes Olympic!
If you’re thinking that Steve has decided to leave the world of currency to become an Olympic athlete, you’re close, but not quite. We are very pleased to announce that Steve was selected to be an official torchbearer for the 2010 Olympics. On December 31, 2009, Steve endured the winter elements to proudly carry the Olympic torch. Congratulations Steve!

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