When is it a good time to convert USD to Euro?

This guide to when to exchange USD for Euro gives an overview of the most popular factors that can affect the exchange rate, with tips for maximizing your profits.

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January 20, 2023 5 min read

US Dollar to Euro (USD to EUR)

When is the right time to convert USD to Euro?

Everyone wants to know the “best” time to transfer money. This is particularly evident when it comes to things like currency exchange rates and money transfers.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer or easy-to-remember trick to help make the currency exchange process quicker and simpler. There are, however, tools people can use to help ensure that they’re getting the most out of money transfer and currency exchange transactions – but we’ll touch on that later.

Luckily, however, there are a handful of tips that can be helpful when determining the most opportune times to make a money transfer or engage in a currency exchange. 

The euro-to-dollar exchange rate can fluctuate daily depending upon countless factors and variables.

According to the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), some of the greatest contributing factors that impact the power of the euro are:

  • Budget deficits and national debt levels within Eurozone countries

  • Relative economic growth within Eurozone nations

  • ECB (European Central Bank) monetary policy, domestic politics, international policies, as well as employment rates and the health of job markets within Eurozone countries, among others.

And according to the CFI, the factors with the greatest impact on the value of the dollar are:

  • U.S. national debt and annual budget deficits

  • Consumer savings and household income figures

  • Unemployment rates

  • Trade agreements

  • Tariffs

  • International trade agreements

  • U.S. GDP (gross domestic product) growth rates

  • Social Security and Medicare

  • Events in the White House

  • Interest rates and general money supply which are dictated and overseen by the Federal Reserve

Best time of month to transfer or exchange funds

Many international money transfers occur during the first 10 days of a month or the final 5 days of a month. This window of increased transfer activity, banks and money transfer services means that transfers may take longer to process than normal.

Additionally, some of these financial institutions may increase fees or charge additional fees to expedite transfer or exchange services during these windows of peak activity. To avoid headaches and worrying about whether or not your funds will be transferred or exchanged on time, it’s best to plan ahead and try to schedule your money transfers or currency exchanges during the middle of the month.

Expats or migrant workers who may be sending money back home to their families should plan for when their family’s expenses are due. Total cost for Euro to Dollar forecasting is possible with today's rates and delivery fees available at Xe Money Transfer widget. This way, you can work to schedule your transfers so that there’s enough time for the process to take place without having to worry about being late on payments or missing payments.

For International Travelers

If you plan on traveling abroad for business or pleasure in the near future, it’s important to know what kinds of currency are accepted in the countries you will be visiting.

Devise a budget plan for the entirety of your trip with a general idea of how much money you might need per day and be sure to factor in known expenses and contingency plans as well. It’s generally a good idea to exchange currencies before traveling to ensure that you have some money available when landing in a different country.

At airports, train stations, and other international travel hubs, there are bound to be countless money conversion and transfer services, but these institutions often charge higher fees due to the convenience of their location.

Alternatives to banks

International travelers, for instance, may be tempted by airports and certain financial services located within airports that promise quick and efficient currency exchanges but many of these institutions may charge handling or processing fees.

If you wanted to make a USD to Euro conversion, for example, you might consider taking your cash dollars to a bank or credit union and asking for an equivalent exchange into euros. While banks and credit unions are secure and offer some of the lowest fees for transfers and currency exchanges, it’s not always the most convenient option – especially for people with busy schedules or fixed travel itineraries and other constraints.

For international money transfers, Xe is one of the most accessible and capable solutions available on the market. But why do users like Xe so much? For people who need to transfer funds internationally quickly, the answers are readily evident, but we will discuss them in greater detail in the following section.

Benefits of Xe for currency exchanges and money transfers

Users can set up their account for free within minutes by visiting the company website or downloading their app from the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play.

Once a user has verified their account and updated their account information, they can begin transferring money or exchanging currency within minutes.

For a majority of customers transferring money to another destination within the same country – the whole process can take less than 24 hours. Even for international transfers or exchanges, the transfer process can be completed in as little as three days.

Xe provides invaluable money transfer solutions for individuals and corporations alike, and it’s especially useful for people who frequently travel internationally or for migrant workers or people working abroad to support families in other locations.

Xe’s competitive transfer rates mean users can schedule transactions from their phone as long as they have a network or Internet connection.

In Summation

Exchange rates can change from one day to the next, it’s important for many individuals to have a money transfer or currency exchange service upon which they can readily rely on. This ensures that they are getting the best possible deal when transferring funds across international borders.

For individuals or businesses in need of money transfer or currency exchange services, Xe is an industry leader capable of providing quick and reliable service and it only takes minutes to set up and get started. If you are currently considering a money transfer or exchanging some currency, download the Xe app to get a quote and find out how much you could get out of your conversion.

The content within this blog post is not intended for use as financial advice. This content is for informational purposes only.

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