The XE Currency Converter for Shopify

Making the decision to expand your online sales to the global marketplace is an exciting growth opportunity for your business. Wherever your company is based – and no matter where your products are shipped from, offering your cross-border customers up-to-date pricing in their local currency is a great way to build credibility for your brand as a trustworthy destination to buy your niche products.

For over a quarter-century, XE has been a trusted leader worldwide in providing reliable, timely currency exchange data to consumers, businesses and enterprise-class apps and websites. As a Shopify Partner, we offer Shopify merchants an app which makes it easy and affordable to seamlessly embed international pricing into your product pages. Minimize abandoned purchases from international customers by making your pricing transparent, where ever your customers are located.

Just getting started with international sales?

Our Standard version provides:

- Hourly updated XE exchange rates, the most up-to-date and accurate exchange rates available
- Your choice of 5 currencies - choose from over 170+ currencies including Bitcoin
- Simple, one-click install
- Customizable decimal formatting
- Option to add currency flags, edit currency code, and symbol formatting to suit your store’s theme
- Customize the location of the currency drop-down list to provide an intuitive customer experience
- See how your store will look before it goes live with Live Preview
- Technical support

Ready to offer your products to a truly global audience?

Our Premium version provides all the features above, plus:

- Access to all 170+ currencies including Bitcoin
- Customized margins: add a percentage to simulate transaction fees
- Custom rounding options: round to your preferred pricing structure, e.g. .99
- Geo-location to auto-select the currency based on customer's country
- The ‘Powered by XE’ label can be displayed to demonstrate accuracy, or removed
Need more information?
For more information, optimize your Shopify store for worldwide sales, visit our page on the Shopify App Marketplace, or contact our Sales and support team:
+1 416 214-5606
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