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GBP/USD2015-05-26 06:10 UTC

Sterling is mixed, at 10-week lows against the underperforming euro while making two-week lows against the dollar. The UK PM commenced EU reform talks at the leaders summit in Riga last week as the debate in the UK about EU membership, ahead of an in-out referendum that will likely be called before the end of 2016 (although pledged for 2017), kicks off in earnest, with the likes of Airbus and Deutsche Bank wading in with threats to shift ... Read More 

Analisi di mercato XE

  • North American Edition2015-05-25 09:41 UTC

    EUR-USD remains heavy, logging a fresh low of 1.0959 in classically bearish price action, with this being the fifth new daily low over the last six trading days. The down-leg has reflected both a degree of euro underperformance and of dollar outperformance, the latter being notably perkier in the wake of an unexpected rise in U.S. April core CPI on Friday, with Fed chair Yellen subsequently saying that a rate hike "this year" would be appropriate if the ... Read More 

  • European Edition2015-05-26 06:10 UTC

    EUR-USD has now made it the sixth day out of the last seven a lower daily low has been seen, this time falling to 1.0928, the lowest since Apr-28 and on route sliding below the 50-day moving average, presently at 1.0960. The move reflects both a degree of euro underperformance (EUR-JPY is at three-week lows, EUR-GBP at 10-week lows)and dollar outperformance (USD-JPY is at 10-week highs, USD-CAD at a six-week peak). The dollar has been notably perkier in ... Read More 

  • Asian Edition2015-05-22 16:36 UTC

    The dollar shot broadly higher after the hotter April U.S. CPI data, crushing EUR-USD to 1.1020 lows from 1.1208 highs posted in London. USD-JPY spiked up to a better than two-month high over 121.55, while the combination of hot U.S. CPI, and cooler Canadian CPI resulted in USD-CAD trading over 1.23 briefly. Cable dove under 1.55 from London highs over 1.5670. A long weekend in both the U.S. and U.K. resulted in dwindling price action early bin the ... Read More 

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