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Analisi di mercato XE

  • North American Edition

    The dollar trading mostly firmer in the wake of the U.S. funding deal that ended three day's of government shutdown, although the impact was muted. The USD index (DXY) lifted out of a three-day low at 90.29 to a 90.53 high before settling just under ... Read More 

    2018-01-23 11:51 UTC
  • European Edition

    The dollar gained on the Senate vote that ended the three-day government shutdown in the U.S. Gains have been moderate. The USD index (DXY) lifted out of a three-day low at 90.29 to 90.53, while EUR-USD tumbled by about 30 pips in making a low at ... Read More 

    2018-01-23 08:07 UTC
  • Asian Edition

    The dollar was steady in N.Y. morning trade on Monday, as dealers largely sat on their hands ahead of the Senate funding vote. Once it became clear the measure would pass, the greenback rallied modestly across the board. EUR-USD fell from session ... Read More 

    2018-01-22 19:04 UTC

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2018-01-23 20:15 GMT
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