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Analisi di mercato XE

  • North American Edition

    The euro dropped quite sharply on political concerns in Germany, with some SPD factions reportedly uncertain, or in outright rejection, of proposals to form a grand coalition. This has rattled EUR-USD and euro crosses, which have been aggressively ... Read More 

    2018-01-16 12:08 UTC
  • European Edition

    The dollar has settled above yesterday's trend lows. EUR-USD has been making time in a narrow range below yesterday's 37-month peak at 1.2296 while USD-JPY has lifted to the upper 110.0s after opening in Tokyo just under 110.50, above yesterday's ... Read More 

    2018-01-16 07:12 UTC
  • Asian Edition

    The dollar perked up briefly following warmer U.S. core CPI and solid retail sales figures, though as has been the case for a month, sellers quickly took charge. EUR-USD had fallen to 1.2111 lows after the data, though later vaulted to three-plus ... Read More 

    2018-01-12 18:57 UTC

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2018-01-16 17:48 GMT
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