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Currency Rates

Base currency is USD. Rates as of 2015-11-29.

Top 10 Currencies   By popularity
Currency Unit USD per Unit Units per USD
USD United States Dollars1.0000000000
EUR Euro1.0594005911
GBP United Kingdom Pounds1.5033000000
CAD Canada Dollars0.7478592529
AUD Australia Dollars0.7195750000
JPY Japan Yen0.0081459759
INR India Rupees0.0149675952
NZD New Zealand Dollars0.6537000000
CHF Switzerland Francs0.9711566476
ZAR South Africa Rand0.0694095228

Top 99 Currencies   Alphabetically
Currency UnitUSD per UnitUnits per USD
AFN Afghanistan Afghanis0.0150534397
ALL Albania Leke0.0076158940
DZD Algeria Dinars0.0092327578
ARS Argentina Pesos0.1031353125
AUD Australia Dollars0.7195750000
ATS Austria Schillings0.0769896435
BSD Bahamas Dollars1.0000000000
BHD Bahrain Dinars2.6504108137
BDT Bangladesh Taka0.0126823084
BBD Barbados Dollars0.5000000000
BEF Belgium Francs0.0262618547
BMD Bermuda Dollars1.0000000000
BRL Brazil Reais0.2600036401
BGN Bulgaria Leva0.5414918099
XOF CFA BCEAO Francs 0.0016150458
XAF CFA BEAC Francs0.0016150458
CAD Canada Dollars0.7478592529
CLP Chile Pesos0.0013976240
CNY China Yuan Renminbi0.1563501618
COP Colombia Pesos0.0003218539
XPF Comptoirs Français du Pacifique Francs0.0088777770
CRC Costa Rica Colones0.0018995156
HRK Croatia Kuna0.1390752884
CYP Cyprus Pounds1.8100933770
CZK Czech Republic Koruny0.0392157632
DKK Denmark Kroner0.1419818249
DOP Dominican Republic Pesos0.0220240062
XCD East Caribbean Dollars0.3703703638
EGP Egypt Pounds0.1277955272
EEK Estonia Krooni0.0677078651
EUR Euro1.0594005911
FJD Fiji Dollars0.4671478289
FIM Finland Markkaa0.1781783887
FRF France Francs0.1615045790
DEM Germany Deutsche Marks0.5416629212
XAU Gold Ounces1,057.9500000049
GRD Greece Drachmae0.0031090259
HKD Hong Kong Dollars0.1290207711
HUF Hungary Forint0.0033994527
XDR IMF Special Drawing Rights1.3735621870
ISK Iceland Kronur0.0075292700
INR India Rupees0.0149675952
IDR Indonesia Rupiahs0.0000723456
IRR Iran Rials0.0000334616
IQD Iraq Dinars0.0009017133
IEP Ireland Pounds1.3451612709
ILS Israel New Shekels0.2574552607
ITL Italy Lire0.0005471347
JMD Jamaica Dollars0.0083787182
JPY Japan Yen0.0081459759
JOD Jordan Dinars1.4090460989
KES Kenya Shillings0.0098039216
KWD Kuwait Dinars3.2824552765
LBP Lebanon Pounds0.0006633499
LUF Luxembourg Francs0.0262618547
MYR Malaysia Ringgits0.2343292326
MTL Malta Liri2.4677395554
MUR Mauritius Rupees0.0276625173
MXN Mexico Pesos0.0601503199
MAD Morocco Dirhams0.0995520159
NLG Netherlands Guilders0.4807350292
NZD New Zealand Dollars0.6537000000
NOK Norway Kroner0.1149009267
OMR Oman Rials2.5987526860
PKR Pakistan Rupees0.0094831674
XPD Palladium Ounces550.7500000004
PEN Peru Nuevos Soles0.2969561990
PHP Philippines Pesos0.0212494688
XPT Platinum Ounces836.5000000020
PLN Poland Zlotych0.2480281760
PTE Portugal Escudos0.0052842679
QAR Qatar Riyals0.2745781793
ROL Romania Lei0.0000238206
RON Romania New Lei0.2382058337
RUB Russia Rubles0.0150588462
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyals0.2663044926
XAG Silver Ounces14.0900000000
SGD Singapore Dollars0.7076389626
SKK Slovakia Koruny0.0351656573
SIT Slovenia Tolars0.0044208003
ZAR South Africa Rand0.0694095228
KRW South Korea Won0.0008641549
ESP Spain Pesetas0.0063671258
LKR Sri Lanka Rupees0.0069930070
SDG Sudan Pounds0.1640689089
SEK Sweden Kronor0.1144996651
CHF Switzerland Francs0.9711566476
TWD Taiwan New Dollars0.0306344392
THB Thailand Baht0.0279798532
TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollars0.1569242854
TND Tunisia Dinars0.4829751268
TRL Turkey Liras0.0000003417
TRY Turkey New Lira0.3417413087
AED United Arab Emirates Dirhams0.2722570106
GBP United Kingdom Pounds1.5033000000
USD United States Dollars1.0000000000
VEF Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes0.1585979937
VND Vietnam Dong0.0000451467
ZMW Zambia Kwacha0.0910600000

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