XE Currency Data Feed: Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

You can download the full XE Data Feed License Agreement. However, here is an overview of some of the key terms on the use of the XE Data Feed.

Licensed Use of Data

You can directly provide your end users with currency data for human reference, such as displaying a reference rate on a web page that people can look at or print.

You can also generate value-added functionality based on rate data, such as displaying the price of an item in several different currencies.

You can also import the data into an accounting system on a licensed computer and use it for invoicing, accounting, and reporting. You can use the currency data to convert prices in a printed annual shareholders' report.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with the XE Data Feed. But there are a number of things that the XE Data Feed license does NOT permit you to do.

You may not electronically redistribute raw currency data.

While you are free to display raw rates for human reference, you may not transfer or permit the transfer of any raw data to any type of computer, storage unit, or device.

So this means you cannot feed downstream computers or devices with currency data.

The data is licensed to you, not sold. So you do not become the owner of the data, and you cannot redistribute it or resell it.

Credit must be given to XE wherever the data is used.

Wherever the data is displayed or used as part of a calculation, you must credit us as the source with a short credit notice. Whenever possible, this notice must be a hyperlink to the XE site.

Where rates are used in multiple calculations in a single location, it is acceptable to display a single instance of the notice; however, the credit text must be accessible on the page where the use occurs.

Our collective legal bases must be covered.

You must ensure that use of our data, or using services employing our data, are governed by our End User Terms of Use.

This is for our protection and for yours as well. Nobody wants to defend against a lawsuit because someone slipped a decimal point or misunderstood what an inverse is. People need to use the currency data and services at their own risk.

Covering our legal bases is not hard to do. You can place a hyperlink to our terms on your own legal page for the services in question. Or you can put a link to our terms art the bottom of the page that uses them. You can even include the text of the full terms as part of your own clickthrough agreement.

These are just a few of the key terms of the service. Please be sure to read the full XE Data Feed License Agreement before ordering.

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