XE Currency Data Feed: How It Works

150+ Rate Sources

XE gathers rates from over 150 sources to deliver every world currency in one simple feed.

Because Foreign Exchange is decentralized, there's no authoritative body that dictates currency rates. Instead, there are many financial centers all over the world made up of governments, banks, institutional investors, and others. With so many international sources, it is critical that currency data reflect global rates instead of one single source. Order Now!

Accurate and Reliable

Illustration showing how XE gathers rates from different sources to deliver every world currency in one simple feed.

XE data is so reliable, that it's used by major corporations and Government agencies.

XE has developed an advanced proprietary rate system called the XE Rate Blender. It continually monitors the quality of hundreds of rate contributors and the accuracy of their data. If the Blender detects any errors, the incorrect data is filtered out to ensure that the final rates reflect accurate Global values.

If any source fails to provide data, the XE Rate Blender still has access to more than 150 rate sources. This secures the delivery of currency rates each and every time.

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Simple Integration

When you access the currency feed online through a simple HTTP GET request, the data is served in one of three standard formats: CSV, XML, and HTML. Plus, we include an easy to follow integration guide that can get you started in minutes. Order Now!
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