XE Currency Data Feed: How It's Used

Easily plug the currency feed into ERP, CRM, or Accounting software

Tracking multi-currency transactions in an international business can be complicated. But with standard feed formats, the XE Currency Data Feed can easily be plugged into your Accounting, CRM, or ERP software. Below are just a few of the platforms used by our clients. Order Now!

Illustration: Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Sage, SAP, Deltek

Add multi-currency pricing to your e-commerce platform

By displaying multi-currency pricing in your e-commerce platform, you're telling clients all over the world that you value their business. This currency feed helps remove barriers in the purchase cycle, cut sales funnel abandonment, optimize conversions, and improve sales. Sign Up Now!

Illustration: Add multi-currency pricing, target a global audience, optimize conversion rates, improve sales and revenue

Understand how FX rates affect your business

When you can measure the real cost of foreign exchange, you are better equipped to make informed business decisions. With planning, you can mitigate FX risks, reduce costs by choosing competitive FX providers, and develop better global strategies to increase profits. Order Now!

Illustration: identify FX needs, mitigate risk, reduce costs, increase profits
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